Sunday, June 19, 2016

Man forgot he bought $ 27 of Bitcoin, to discover later that he became a millionaire


In 2009, a Norwegian man Bitcoin worth $ 27 bought and forgot about it. Four years later, the man discovered that remember his investment of $ 800,000 in his account.


Christopher Koch was writing a thesis on encryption and decided to invest in Bitcoin, then forgot about his investment "trivial" then-even Bitcoin got extensive media coverage.


Fortunately for him, he was still remembers its own password. When opening his wallet, he received a pleasant surprise: his money has ballooned to US $ 800,000



At the time of purchase a cottage, it was not his friends  on his thoughts about digital currencies. Kanu and think he sings out of tune. Christopher Koch bought himself a flat in Toyen, one of the richest neighborhoods of Oslo.


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