Sunday, October 23, 2016

ShadowCash - A new era of anonymous and untraceable payments is coming



Umbra, launched for privacy, is a new crypto currency aimed at privacy. With so many ways to use it, it's no wonder so many are using it today- it was built primarily for security and has many secondary features, like opening up a chat lobby or creating a marketplace

that's completely anonymous. Interested? Let's take a look at it.



Built for privacy, the Umbra project was created open-source and has more security features than most crypto currencies do, on top of having excellent usability. Umbra allows you to stack additional security measures on top of the existing ones built into the client, so attackers have multiple barriers to break to find who you are and more. Plus, the messaging platform is built for Tor and L2P, so you can carry out your transactions with even more security!


Encrypted Messaging

Encryption is one thing built into the Umbra platform, and it's one of the most integral features that provide security to it. Many messages do provide good security and good quality, but many of them expose your IP to centralized servers. Umbra allows you to message with decentralized nodes that don't expose your IP, making the platform a much better choice if you plan on doing something with that

level of secrecy. As mentioned before, Umbra features L2P and Tor, so it's possible to further encrypt yourself! Their messaging platform provides most of the normal things in such a service, with private and public channels, and even direct messages!



Umbra's system uses ShadowCash, an anonymous cash system that allows nearly completely anonymous transactions while still allowing seamlessly easy transactions to occur. Similarly to Monero, ShadowCash operates on dual-key stealth addresses and ring signatures for security. It's even possible to stake ShadowCash, at an annual rate of 2%. You an also receive transactions through both a public and secret address; funds can be seamlessly transferred to either wallet in seconds. If you wish to opt in for more secure transfers, it's recommended that you use the private wallet, and everyday transactions are more easy to use through the public wallet.



Online marketplaces require lots of anonymity and security, and Umbra realizes this. While it is still under development and is still constantly being tested, their decentralized marketplace has already received lots of hype and support from various large media outlets, and it's expected that the marketplace will become the first of its kind - an inter-dependent, decentralized marketplace that will forever change the way people look at markets.



Umbra has many very secure and easy-to-use features that don't require lots of crypto experience, and the client GUI is especially friendly to new users in the Crypto world as well as the more experienced. With so much potential and so many ways to use their platform, Umbra is looking like it'll become a hit among the crypto community in no time!


ShadowCash Specifications

Block time: 60's

Difficulty re-target: every block

Nominal stake interest: 2% (PoSv3 – static inflation annually)

Min. stake age: 8 hours (no max age)

P2P port: 51737

RPC port: 51736


Read more about the Shadow project here. Information about Umbra can be found here. 

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