Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taas: Token as a Service


TaaS: Token-as-a-Service refers to a token based, closed end fund that is specifically crafted to cut back on the risks and barriers to entry in the block chain. TaaS has a uniqueness in that it is specifically created to deal with the conventional limitations in the bloc chain market. Its focus is the reduction and elimination of technical barriers manifested in the current market. It is also simplified such that the users will be able to develop better and deeper understanding of the market. TaaS is more transparent than the existing solutions hence increasing the appeal to the users as well as the investors.

TaaS will be operated as a closed-end fund, which will be used in the market making as well as trading operations. This aspect translates into simplicity and transparency. Transparency is also augmented by the presence of a cryptographic audit on the closed end fund such that the existing issues of underhand dealings will no longer have the chance of being operations.

The closed-end fund will also operate with utmost respect to the contributors. Anonymity is a major concern for the players in the market. Rolling out of smart contracts will be a way of ensuring that all players in the industry have consistency and anonymity when it comes to the sharing of profits. Development of Kepler platform will result in the integration will culminate in the intelligent, transparent and open system for portfolio management.

Cryptographic audit is ideal and unique compared to the industry standard. Operationalization of the cryptographic audit does not call for any human intervention. Consequently, there is no possibility of tampering to create the unqualified audit reports. The new audit technology enables one to view the balance and verify. The view only option ensures that no changes can be made on the balance. It also has the option of recording snapshots of the block chain. The regular records can be used to create the trend analysis related to the tradable account hence facilitating transparency and openness.


Taas describes one of their main features Kepler as
"Our mission is to deliver long-lasting innovations to blockchain community, hence additionally to running a fund we are building Kepler, a first Bloomberg-like cryptocurrency portfolio management and analytics platform covering the entire spectrum of investment process, starting from market research, due diligence and order management all the way to risk exposure and performance forecasting. Development expenses will be covered entirely by TaaS profits. Kepler MVP is already in the making, with private beta release scheduled for Q3 2017."

That's one of the main intriguing innovation the project has to offer. With Kepler blockchain and blockchain innovation will come a lot closer to day to day practises. Something business will likely want to embrace.

TaaS is also better than the existing options in that it is owned and run by the investors as well as the contributors. In any event, of a profit, there is nothing that is held back as a reserve or for the operational purposes. The self-running and self-auditing options in the TaaS option eliminate the need to set aside a certain percentage of the earnings to cater for audit, and operations. Therefore, every profit will trickle down to the deserved parties at all times.

More information on http://www.taas.fund

Author: Bjorn

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Worlds Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Software, BitBay Makes Itself Visible


BitBay, the cryptocurrency software suite offering unbreakable smart contracts was keeping a low profile for some time but has now resurfaced; stronger than ever. The creator and soul developer of BitHalo/BlackHalo David Zimbeck has worked effortlessly the past two years to create the most advanced and secure wallet in cryptocurrency space. The software suite is capable of supporting an entire smart contracting interface with decentralized markets and other features.
A BitBay community member comments,
"How is it that a single developer can deliver such an incredible suite when entire teams of coders have a hard time even delivering a functional wallet? How on earth has this project gone unnoticed, and why is it not in the top 10 coins in the world?"
Unbreakable Smart Contracts
Unlike many other platforms, BitBay is not vaporware. It is a feature rich platform that offers unbreakable smart contracts for important real world applications. The BitBay contracts are far superior to other smart contracts as they are secured by collateral deposits from both parties, which makes it unbreakable. In the event of a default by one of the parties, their collateral funds will be burnt, making it illogical for them to cheat or exit the contract with the intention of defrauding the other.
The smart contracts system on BitBay eliminates arbitrators, biased third parties, escrow and even fees. Without any middlemen, it can create coins for cash contracts like a decentralized "LocalBitcoins", where cash payments are completely trustless. It can also be used to create "employment contracts", "decentralized eBay-like delivery contracts" (to ensure prompt delivery of working products), and even "barter contracts" that allows people to create a "wish list" and trade any item off that list.
The user-friendly templates on BitBay enable users to create smart contracts by just entering few details. The platform currently has a handful of templates in place, with more to be added shortly. In David Zimbeck's words, all one has to do is use their imagination to create a custom template for any deal they want. The platform's "Cash for Coins" template has already been successfully used by many to automate buying process and complete cash deals without needing escrow or middlemen. The platform will soon release a "buy/sell anything" contract template with reverse and regular auctions support. It will also include a variety of shipping choices.
Decentralized Marketplace
BitBay had a decentralized marketplace almost a year before "Open Bazaar". BitBay's completely anonymous market is built right into the client, and it allows users to create their own public and private markets. Or they can just check different contracts already available in the main market. The BitBay software allows communication between users by supporting email with end to end encryption like Thunderbird and it also supports Bitmessage for a more decentralized option.
Other features on BitBay include "Pay to Email" which uses steganography to hide payments within photos sent to recipient's email. The feature, originally created for tipping purposes has various other applications as well. Even the wallets' two encrypted keys can be hidden within images using David's steganography based feature. These keys can then be used on two different computers to sign transactions – a feature that lays the foundation for "Cold Staking", which will be utilized in both BitBay and BlackHalo. The Cold Staking feature will be almost impossible to crack because the computers used to sign your transactions can be in completely separate locations. BitBay will also make allowance for "exotic spending" such as "locktimes". In addition to the "dead man's switch", "parking of coins", "burn" and other spending types, it also supports automated joint accounts for business partners and spouses. The BitBay platform can also translate to 92 different languages.
About BitBay
BitBay has so far created a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem with its own functional market economy. All these things have turned BitBay into a powerful cryptocurrency software suite that can take on other cryptocurrencies. The platform enjoys a vibrant community that is regularly attracting and training new users. The "contract faucet" created by one of the team members is currently giving away coins using a unilateral "Guarantor" contract to whoever accepts it.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Augmentor’s Game


Augmented reality technology was a sweet surprise to humanity when it came out. We could now experience stuff on a level never thought of before. People everywhere bought augmented reality headsets and made it all the rage. However, there were only some basic games and videos and that made the overall augmented reality experience a bit understated. Not anymore! Here comes The Augmentor’s Game which is a game that uses augmented reality in all its glory and immerses the use in an experience never before seen on any other platform.

About the game:
Consisting of 50 rare creature, the Augmentor’s Game is a 3D modeled fantasy game with the rare creature called simply as the Augmentors. Each Augmentor has a skill set including a variety of spells, movements and attacks. These Augmentors have an extensive back story that provides the immersive experience a user of an augmented reality headset looks for. They have their own origins, can be trained and even traded or swapped between other players. The creators, Michael Deon and Kyle Haffendon looked to create an augmented reality game based on and connected on the Bitcoin blockchain and they have succeded. This is evident from the fact that the game received positive compliments from the Sharks at Shark Tank and even received funding from one of the sharks.

Investing in the game:
When the creators of the game went on Shark Tank, little did they know they would not only receive funding but also the approval of Vinny Lingham, an ace in the Bitcoin sector and a supporter of the blockchain based start-ups. Along with Vinny, Gil Oved, board member at Growtech Venture capital, is also investing in the startup in hopes that it will become as popular as it is supposed to be. This was proved again at the ICO of the Augmentor’s Game which began on January 30st of 2017. During the length of the 30-day ICO , the DTB tokens will be available In a ratio of 15000DTB:1BTC. The developers are very confident about raising the required money of $1million to develop the game. Even if it fails to do so, the money raised will be more than adequate to develop an alpha version of the game that will be developed by May 2017 and will show fans all over the globe why this is worth investing!

Augmentors ICO information

The Augmentors ICO raised over 700 BTC already.


Augmentors is an augmented reality turn-based battle game and is free to play! Once you have one of the portals, you can download the free app and summon your creature into the world and start doing battle.
There will be two generic portals provided for download for players to print from the website. The two portals will represent “Player 1” and “Player 2”.
In the beginning of the game, you will be greeted with a selection of free creatures to choose from. Tap on your portal to select one of the creatures to summon & call your own and begin your journey as one of the Destined.

Goal & vision

The end goal of the Augmentors game is to be a cross platform (iOS & Android) augmented reality game that allows users to summon creatures into the real world to battle against your enemies and foes.


Augmentors is backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain. Each creature and relic is assigned a unique Counterparty Token ID. Creatures and relics will each be issued in finite amounts that will be locked, assuring no more will be issued in the game. Once they are all sold, that’s it! All Asset IDs will be transparent and viewable to the public, showing issued amounts and the locked status of each asset. You can trade or sell your creatures with other players in the app or through the online Creature Store.


Each creature will have its own set of unique attacks and abilities, but it doesn’t stop there. There will be unique items called relics, which act as “boosters” for creatures in the game. They will be obtainable at special events, or be given as rewards for quests completed in the game or purchased from the online Creature Store.


We have created 100 000 000 (one hundred million) Databits in total, allocating 70% of that towards a Token Sale (which forms part of a crowdfunding campaign). The remaining 30% will be split and used to create awareness, promotion and development for the game. The Databits will be locked, meaning no more Databits can ever be issued thereafter.

Get rare creatures & relics

To acquire rare creatures and relics you will first need to have the Augmentors in-game currency Databits (obtainable through the crowdfunding sale) as well as a compatible counterparty wallet. You can then visit the online Creature Store or other creature resellers to purchase them using your Databits.

Own your creatures

Augmentors is backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain. Each creature and relic is assigned a unique Counterparty Token ID. Creatures and relics will each be issued in finite amounts that will be locked, assuring no more will be issued in the game. Once they are all sold, that’s it! All Asset IDs will be transparent and viewable to the public, showing issued amounts and the locked status of each asset. You can trade or sell your creatures with other players in the app or through the online Creature Store.

Trade and sell assets

You will be able to trade/ Sell creatures easily within and outside the Augmentors game app furthermore we will have a feature engaging special battles that allow users to battle for keeps – winner takes all (Like how marbles were played back in the day). All you will need is a compatible counterparty wallet that contains your DataBits or any other Augmentors game assets inside of them. Freely trade them on the exchange or at your own accord using your wallet or swopbot Game assets in Augmentors will all be assigned a unique Counterparty token ID. Assigning Counterparty tokens to game assets allows them to be traded/ sold freely within or outside the game on the Blockchain.

The exchange

The exchange for 1 Bitcoin (BTC) will be 15 000 DataBits (DTB). People, who have bought DataBits (DTB) during the Token Sales or from another player after the end of the Token Sales, will be able to trade their DTB on the blockchain and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Or they can use them to purchase some of the Augmentors blockchain-based creatures, relics & skins. Our creatures will be sold via “swapbots” – automated trading vending machines – which send the chosen creature when they have sent the right amount of DTB. Then they can summon their creature in the Augmentors game, or trade/ sell them on the blockchain.

The Augmentors ICO aims to raise $1 million, required for completion of the game. During the 30-day ICO ending on 28 Feb 2017, DTB tokens will be available in a ratio of 15000DTB: 1BTC and drop by 1000 every 5 days.
Even if the platform fails to raise the required $1 million by the end of the stipulated timeframe, all funds raised will be directly put to use for developing the Alpha version of Augmentors, set for release by the end of April 2017 on Google Play Store and the App Store.

Being rewarded with creatures in Rookie level will not subject it being a Rookie forever. Rookie creatures will have the ability to level up all the way to Hero/ Villain Status if trained & pushed to that level. All creatures on launch that aren’t part of the crowdfunding sale in the game will start on Rookie Level.
All creatures can achieve the God title, but only by beating another God creature in battle. Once a God creature has lost, it will lose its God title and drop back down to Hero/ Villain. Only the 3 Legendary Naturally Born God creatures sold in this token sale will never lose their God title. They are the originals of the game, they can never lose their God title.
Every creature will be backed by the Blockchain, allowing users to truly own their assets within and out of the game. The DataBits that backers have purchased during the Crowdfunding sale can be used to buy new game items, sold or exchanged for any other cryptocurrency.

Join Our Community Here:

SLACK: http://augmentorsgame.signup.team
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AugmentorsGame
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/augmentors
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgVMOJzZRU_6ZKW-OthznSw
WEBSITE: http://www.augmentorsgame.com/

Augmentors ICO


Will money be held in Escrow?

Two of the three advisors for this campaign are going to be custodians of the ICO money. They will have control over if/when the funds are released. If they are not happy at any stage of the development of the project. They will be entitled to withhold funds from the team or return them to the backers. The two custodians are Vinny Lingham(ranked 6th of Top 100 blockchain insiders) http://richtopia.com/inspirational-people/blockchain-top-100. The other custodian is [b]Llew Claasens[/b], who is the executive director of the Bitcoin foundation. These are both well respected members of the community.

Will the ratio 1BTC = 15 000DTB change?

Like most ICO's Augmentors has implemented a tiered system. The first day of the ICO will be the cheapest. It is 1:15000 DTB plus an extra 20%. After day one, the ratio will adjust has indicated above and on http://www.augmentorsgame.com/token-sale-ico

Will the game definitely be made?

Like any project, we can never guarantee that a final game will be released; however, through our pre-sale ICO, we have already raised enough funds (45.2BTC) to complete the Alpha version of the game. Secondly, as discussed above, we have very well respected members of the Bitcoin community monitoring this project. They will ensure that no money is spent recklessly and will advise the project, giving it the best possible chance of succeeding.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Underrated Technologies


Our society has reaped the rewards from the industrial revolution, as well as the first wave of technological revolution that came right after it. Some of the technology types we use today are awe-inspiring, even though we have started to take them for granted. Technology is awe-inspiring in every way possible, and this list will go over the top 4 most underrated technologies.


What makes fibre optics so intriguing is how this technology dates back all the way to the year 1840. At that time, Alexander Graham Bell developed the technology to transmit voice signals over an optical beam. We later came to know this technology as the "telephone", or "landline" as it is often referred to in this day and age.

In the Internet world, fibre optics have only just begun to gain mainstream traction. Higher internet speeds allow us to share and gather information more quickly, although fiber optics are not available in every part of the world just yet. Since these cubes or are immune to electrical interference, they are perfect for computer networking in general. Moreover, a fibre optic connection is considered to be more secure.


The term nano robots can be found in better sci-fi novels and TV shows these days. Contrary to what most people would believe, however, nano robots are very real and already exist among us. To be more precise, these robots are often used to determine drugs to the correct part of the body of patients suffering from terminal cancer. A very powerful technological feat that should not be underestimated by any means.


A lot has been said and written about the Internet of Things, despite this technology still being in the very early stages of mainstream traction. Objects who can communicate with other devices over the Internet is a very novel concept, yet it also poses quite a few security challenges. Rest assured a lot more news will come out of the IoT sector in the coming years, as more of these devices will make it into mainstream homes and locations all over the world.


In the year 2017, it almost seems straightforward to replace a missing limb with a prosthetic version. Up until a decade ago, such a concept was impossible to comprehend, as losing an arm or a leg would mean that functionality would be lost to us forever. Thanks to major advancements made in health care, prosthetic limbs have become a normality in recent years, mainly because they are starting to look very real.

Moreover, the early generations of prosthetic limbs were never designed to let its users "feel" anything in the traditional sense. This situation has come to change as well, thanks to DARPA's hard work of implementing neurotechnology. With realistic-looking prosthetics which become more powerful in functionality as time progresses, the future of prosthetics is looking very bright.

Monday, February 6, 2017

PRO Commerce - Coin Back Rewards


A new and promising project is the upcoming PRO Commerce Project. In essence the project is about getting Rebates and Crypto currencies into 1 platform. Something which is not new, because the INCENT project is also about that, however the PRO project has a different approach in achieving their goals. Their platform will be the main field where the project and business model should excel and make the project a success.

The platform

The goal of the PRO Platform is to create awareness and engagement, something which by just offering rebates is not sufficient, however holding PRO makes the user also an spectator and the team behind Pro believes this will make a difference in the way users will be committed and engaged in the project. By holding the coins they will eventually use the coins to speculate and use it.

The app within the platform itself consist of 4 main components which according to the team will add a tremendous value to any business, making it the main app to use in comparison of various marketing strategies.

Business Development
Through PRO businesses can expand and take full advantage of the economic shift happening in commerce through cryptocurrency.

PRO's intuitive learning system will reward businesses for learning about the advantages of cryptocurrency and much more.

Brand Awareness
Companies that accept PRO as a form of payment will gain exposure in the cryptocurrency community and as a result it will bring awareness to their brand.

PRO's cutting edge advertising and marketing strategies will help increase a company's customer base and help raise their bottom line.

The project is divided into 2 key phases where both consumers and merchants will be surprised with high-end tools, to grow and sustain their PRO commitment and eventually enable PRO to go mainstream.

PRO Rebates & PRO Solutions

In this phase user friendly customer applications will be built. By doing this the masses will be enabled to earn, hold and eventually adopt their crypto coins in their everyday life. Being able to spend them on the fly, whenever and wherever they need.

There will also be applications built for merchants which is called the Solutions APP, because not only consumers will be able to earn PRO. To grow their merchant base, a dedicated group of merchants Is important, so they too have the opportunity to earn PRO and integrate the features of PRO in their day to day business operation.

PRO Exchange & PRO Merchant

The phase 2 will start with an exchange application where consumer will have the option to convert their fiat currency into PRO or bitcoin and vice versa. Having a dedicated exchange maintained by the operations makes it centralized, however it’s a great step into usability.

When the exchange is ready, the Merchant application will be built, the goal of this application is to giver merchants the option to accept PRO payments as well as bitcoin payments.

More information can be found there:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

QTUM - Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts and more

After the release of Bitcoin, Stratis and Ethereum, a fourth crypto currency created for business known as QTUM has been released by a Singapore registered organization. This is an open source, decentralized project which has combined advantages of various other public chains. Use of the Bitcoin Core 0.13 made the wallet synchronization faster. It is a Blockchain system that will allow internet users to experience the value of Blockchain, as this will allow contracts to be managed through wallets. Like Bitcoin, QTUM is meant to focus on the Decentralized Application (DAPP) and the Smart Contract market. As the scripting language of Bitcoin Core was expanded, smart contracts could be executed as part of an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO).

Built on Linux platform makes QTUM compatible with both Mac and Windows 64 bit and allows all its access to all types of users. MingW and Msys2 led to a lot of library issues which made the developers to shift it to Linux. By providing a means of value transfers with the help of Ethereum Smart Contracts, this crypto currency will changed the way social network, commerce and finance industry have been functioning according to it's whitepaper. This has also encouraged many banks to apply for the Blockchain alike patents. Currently, QTUM is being testing with another feature, called BiSMTP, which is likely to be added.


The QTUM’s 3.0 POS (Proof-of-Stake) model allows its operations from a normal laptop or PC, eliminating the requirement of complicated applications. Unlike POW models, POS requires a fraction of energy which makes it reasonable in terms of money and more environment friendly, bringing it in the reach of a common man. There were certain security issues that have been eliminated by upgrading the Blackcoin POS.

Only a massive log output allowed the developers to fix the errors in the technology as some errors in the code led to communication issues. In order to keep it easy for the old users of Bitcoin, every segment of the originally created Bitcoin has been made compatible with this new release of QTUM. The initial test network has 10 nodes, where each node was funded with pre-mined coins. QTUM has become smoother with the upgrade to the Bitcoin Core 0.13, as it only downloaded the block headers instead of the entire Blockchain which is a very time consuming task, since it holds gigabytes of data and is no way user friendly.

POS Issues

The partial download of the POS block was also fixed with this upgrade. However, the transition phase led to errors in the wallet transactions. There were certain other stability issues that are being generated with the testing networks.

To QTUM or not to QTUM?

QTUM is a business friendly platform that will take the Blockchain technology to the next level. It will not only provide the evidences of the transactions, but the activity log will remain with them for the entire lifespan. My personal view is there is a market for this kind of blockchain, be it a main chain or just a sidechain, in the end business will want to step in to this magical world we call crypto currency...

More information:

Website: https://qtum.org
Source code: https://git.qtum.org/qtum/ Source will be available soon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QtumOfficial
QQ group: 518192421
Slack channel: https://qtumslack.herokuapp.com/