Monday, February 6, 2017

PRO Commerce - Coin Back Rewards


A new and promising project is the upcoming PRO Commerce Project. In essence the project is about getting Rebates and Crypto currencies into 1 platform. Something which is not new, because the INCENT project is also about that, however the PRO project has a different approach in achieving their goals. Their platform will be the main field where the project and business model should excel and make the project a success.

The platform

The goal of the PRO Platform is to create awareness and engagement, something which by just offering rebates is not sufficient, however holding PRO makes the user also an spectator and the team behind Pro believes this will make a difference in the way users will be committed and engaged in the project. By holding the coins they will eventually use the coins to speculate and use it.

The app within the platform itself consist of 4 main components which according to the team will add a tremendous value to any business, making it the main app to use in comparison of various marketing strategies.

Business Development
Through PRO businesses can expand and take full advantage of the economic shift happening in commerce through cryptocurrency.

PRO's intuitive learning system will reward businesses for learning about the advantages of cryptocurrency and much more.

Brand Awareness
Companies that accept PRO as a form of payment will gain exposure in the cryptocurrency community and as a result it will bring awareness to their brand.

PRO's cutting edge advertising and marketing strategies will help increase a company's customer base and help raise their bottom line.

The project is divided into 2 key phases where both consumers and merchants will be surprised with high-end tools, to grow and sustain their PRO commitment and eventually enable PRO to go mainstream.

PRO Rebates & PRO Solutions

In this phase user friendly customer applications will be built. By doing this the masses will be enabled to earn, hold and eventually adopt their crypto coins in their everyday life. Being able to spend them on the fly, whenever and wherever they need.

There will also be applications built for merchants which is called the Solutions APP, because not only consumers will be able to earn PRO. To grow their merchant base, a dedicated group of merchants Is important, so they too have the opportunity to earn PRO and integrate the features of PRO in their day to day business operation.

PRO Exchange & PRO Merchant

The phase 2 will start with an exchange application where consumer will have the option to convert their fiat currency into PRO or bitcoin and vice versa. Having a dedicated exchange maintained by the operations makes it centralized, however it’s a great step into usability.

When the exchange is ready, the Merchant application will be built, the goal of this application is to giver merchants the option to accept PRO payments as well as bitcoin payments.

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