Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taas: Token as a Service


TaaS: Token-as-a-Service refers to a token based, closed end fund that is specifically crafted to cut back on the risks and barriers to entry in the block chain. TaaS has a uniqueness in that it is specifically created to deal with the conventional limitations in the bloc chain market. Its focus is the reduction and elimination of technical barriers manifested in the current market. It is also simplified such that the users will be able to develop better and deeper understanding of the market. TaaS is more transparent than the existing solutions hence increasing the appeal to the users as well as the investors.

TaaS will be operated as a closed-end fund, which will be used in the market making as well as trading operations. This aspect translates into simplicity and transparency. Transparency is also augmented by the presence of a cryptographic audit on the closed end fund such that the existing issues of underhand dealings will no longer have the chance of being operations.

The closed-end fund will also operate with utmost respect to the contributors. Anonymity is a major concern for the players in the market. Rolling out of smart contracts will be a way of ensuring that all players in the industry have consistency and anonymity when it comes to the sharing of profits. Development of Kepler platform will result in the integration will culminate in the intelligent, transparent and open system for portfolio management.

Cryptographic audit is ideal and unique compared to the industry standard. Operationalization of the cryptographic audit does not call for any human intervention. Consequently, there is no possibility of tampering to create the unqualified audit reports. The new audit technology enables one to view the balance and verify. The view only option ensures that no changes can be made on the balance. It also has the option of recording snapshots of the block chain. The regular records can be used to create the trend analysis related to the tradable account hence facilitating transparency and openness.


Taas describes one of their main features Kepler as
"Our mission is to deliver long-lasting innovations to blockchain community, hence additionally to running a fund we are building Kepler, a first Bloomberg-like cryptocurrency portfolio management and analytics platform covering the entire spectrum of investment process, starting from market research, due diligence and order management all the way to risk exposure and performance forecasting. Development expenses will be covered entirely by TaaS profits. Kepler MVP is already in the making, with private beta release scheduled for Q3 2017."

That's one of the main intriguing innovation the project has to offer. With Kepler blockchain and blockchain innovation will come a lot closer to day to day practises. Something business will likely want to embrace.

TaaS is also better than the existing options in that it is owned and run by the investors as well as the contributors. In any event, of a profit, there is nothing that is held back as a reserve or for the operational purposes. The self-running and self-auditing options in the TaaS option eliminate the need to set aside a certain percentage of the earnings to cater for audit, and operations. Therefore, every profit will trickle down to the deserved parties at all times.

More information on http://www.taas.fund

Author: Bjorn

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