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CryptoForecast innovation brought to the blockchain


Cryptoforecast is an application based on an algorithm called PILLAR It developed for traders and developers, is able to forecast the future movement of BTC or other cryptourrencies.The task of Cryptoforecast is to offer tools that help expert trader and retail merchants that independently selling and buying bitcoin. This procedure without Cryptoforecast is always possible, but it becomes extremely tough and can often induce the Trader, because of character traits, feelings and fears, mistakes that an algorithm cannot have. This application is truly innovative.

The Pillar software is tools that have been tested and proved able to give signals trend and interpreted to lead excellent result to predict the trend in market. The software is easy to use, but it has very powerful in same time the software is able to calculate certain period that each investor need. It can elaborate the any data and reports and analyze result in easy reading prediction. By clicking "History" then there will be option to choose years that use for calculate the forecast order. This is very helpful tools for those who use bitcoin project exchange.

Cryptoforecast is better than other software's because it designs to consider emergency requirement of young audience that looking for new exchange and economy approach that user friendly, and then there are many tools in Cryptoforecast that created for fulfill this demand.

On the other side no doubt It provide excellent information regarding pattern on the basis of past data but how can we forget other factors that impact on investors even it is not consider qualitative data it just work on quantitative data Further it is not considered natural disastrous etc.


Although nobody can really forecast the future of the market, Cryptoforecast can give good precise indications about future movements giving a fundamental support for all the decisions that a trader has to take, doesn't matter how important are the operations he does.

Buy Tokens

Tokens can be bought at
If you need more information checkout the CryptoForecast Announcement on

CryptoForecast Crowdsale information:

Whitepaper: We will release it before the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign.

How are the funds gathered?

The funds will be gathered on the web page

There are going to be 3 main modes to receive funds:

1. Bitcoin

2. Shapeshift

3. Changelly

Used currency: BTC
Escrow: Yes. We are contacting various escrow, we' ll let you know as soon as possible.
Length of ICO: The ICO will have a duration of 34 days.

Bonus: The funds will be released equally after the end of the ICO. This means that the effective rate will not be determined until the end of the ICO. There are bonus for the first participants, who contributes the first day will be able to have a multiplier of 1,5. From the 2° day the multiplier is going to decrease to 1,2. From that point, the multiplier is going to decrease by 0.0074 each day.
From the 30° to the 34° day there won’t be multiplier.

How tokes are used: CFTs are the only way to sign a subscription and have access to Cryptoforecast. With the increasing of users the CFTs will be more important and they will increase their value.

How are CFTs produced? CFTs are Full Pre-mined, a total of 50,000,000(50 millions)
This means that will ever be only 50MLN of CFTs and there won’t be any process of mining.

Who is the team behind Cryptoforecast? The Team of Cryptoforecast is already known the community of Bitcoin/Altcoin/cryptotrader.
We are going to release all the information before the start if the ICO campaign.

Minimum Target and Development Boost

According to our plan, in order to improve to perfection in reasonable time the predictive algorithm PILLAR and the Forecast application we should be able to obtain at least 250 BTC from the ICO.

However, we have also established a minimum target to reach. If the ICO would gather less than 100 BTC, we will consider the operation failed and we will give the bitcoins back to the investors.

However, if the amount collected will be more than 100 BTC we will proceed to complete the development.
The other funds will be collected with the sale of subscriptions. The algorithm PILLAR, even though isn’t boosted with all the features we want to develop, is an extremely valuable tool that can help each trader.

More capital would allow us to expand the development team and dedicate ourselves completely to this activity. What would the result be?  A drastic shortening of the development time and increase in the same grade of the predictive capabilities and algorithm analysis PILLAR.

Two thresholds, the minimum of 100 BTC and the optimal of 250 BTC that we have called “Development Boost”.

Meet Lunyr - The Ethereum based encyclopedia


To begin with, Lunyr is a decentralized crowd sourced encyclopedia which has an Ethereum base and it rewards its users with tokens of apps that can be useful in contributing information and also peer reviewing. Lunyr is a next generation online encyclopedia which has an aim of being the starting point of the internet for finding accurate, reliable and useful information. Basically, Lunyr will just build upon the Wikipedia philosophy and then it will develop knowledge which will be next generation based on the block chain of Ethereum.

In other terms, Lunyr can simply be a knowledge layer of Ethereum which is driven by economic incentives and consensus in order to create or develop next generation applications that are decentralized. The long term vision that Lunyr has is to create an API which is knowledge based of which the developers can use to develop the next generation applications which will be decentralized in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and also Artificial Intelligence.

The decentralized applications through the Lunyr API will have the capability to grab accurate and precise data on events happening in the real world by tapping into the knowledge base. In life we require information which is something very crucial and currently the most valuable reference site for information is Wikipedia which is used by a lot of people in the world. A lot of articles on Wikipedia can be easily edited by somebody who has an internet connection and in the process one can easily manipulate the Wikipedia website and put false information although some of the errors can be rectified.

Lunyr will create a next generation knowledge base which will be able to solve the issue of inaccurate information and will push the boundaries of crowd sourced knowledge by using Ethereum. Ethereum will enable the creation of application tokens which will be used in a system that is incentive based in order to replace the intermediaries and the tokens will play a vital role in the provision of incentives. Apart from that, all the content submissions will go through a compulsory peer review process and will not be subjected to the knowledge base until they are validated for accuracy, reliability and also efficiency. An incentive system that is powerful which is enabled by application tokens will ensure that the peer reviewers perform best according to the ecosystem interests. This will result to information which is highly reliable and also accurate and there will also be rewards for the contributors and reliable information which will be useful for creating next generation decentralized applications.

Not to forget, the system of providing incentives for reviewing content and contribution by the users is a very nice method in having a hub that has decentralized information which is accurate and reliable and in the process facts that are irrelevant can be discarded with very bad reviews and only real and relevant content will go through by rewarding the good reviews and also good content. Lunyr will also have a site that contains paid advertising spots with the Lunyr tokens which will provide coin appreciation and also a natural buying pressure for actual use.

The Lunyr tokens will basically be used to advertise on the platform and the advertisements will be based on texts. On the other hand, the Ads will create a powerful demand for Lunyr tokens from the people with financial resources. They will provide that economic force which in turn drives network effect as many readers and the contributors will be joining the ecosystem which is very crucial. Lunyr will also implement machine learning mechanisms in order to identify familiar topics for the contributors and by using the contributors as the reviewers, then they will be able to support the entire system because they will be responsible for reviewing content which is submitted by other contributors.

Types of Lunyr tokens:

• Contribution tokens. (CBN)
These will be used as a basis for calculation in order to identify the quantity of Lunyr tokens that will be given to a participant and will be consumed after the Lunyr tokens have been distributed which will be after a two weeks period.

• Honor tokens.(HNR)
These tokens will be used for voting and proposing on the native resolution system for disputes and it will be consumed after it’s used.

• Lunyr tokens. (LUN)
These ones will be used to buy advertising posts on the Lunyr network and the contributors will be awarded Lunyr tokens in a period of two weeks.

Therefore, in short the Lunyr platform will basically be designed to align the rational behavior of network participants in order to be beneficial to the entire system. Also, the implementation degree will be in relation to the quantity of the ICO funds and in the case of a minimal amount of crowd funding, Lunyr will come up with basic functions and additional features will be developed in cases like that of maximal cap.

Lunyr Crowdsale Information


A strategic component of the Lunyr platform is its advertising system, which allows for the purchase of advertising on the platform using Lunyr tokens (“LUN”). Although the Lunyr platform is unique in its design, decentralization, and vision, it can be compared to Wikipedia.

Wikipedia today ranks as the sixth most visited site in the world according to Alexa rankings. It attracts 470 million unique visitors who view over 19 billion pages per month. Estimating the amount of advertising revenue Wikipedia could generate if it allowed advertising on its pages provides clues to the potential demand for LUN:
  • In 2006, Jason Calcanis, the cofounder of Weblogs, Inc, which was acquired by AOL, published an article about Wikipedia estimating an annual advertising revenue potential of $100MM.
  • In 2008, performed an analysis of Wikipedia and arrived at an annual advertising revenue potential of $350MM.
  • In 2011, Vincent Juhel published a thesis about Wikipedia for HEC Paris, and arrived at an annual advertising revenue potential of $1.6 billion dollars.


We will initially focus on fine-tuning the system to improve accuracy, increase content, and grow readership. Once the knowledge base matures, we will attract a wider audience by encouraging contributions of near real-time data on world events and translations in multiple languages. Ultimately, Lunyr intends to establish its brand globally as a reliable, accurate decentralized knowledge base.

Taking it a step further, we will grow the ecosystem by developing an API that will attract developers. This Lunyr API will allow developers to use the knowledge base as a backbone for creating next generation decentralized applications in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.

Lunyr API
The Lunyr API holds promise for significantly changing existing business models and creating new ones. The Ethereum blockchain currently has no knowledge of the real world, yet most useful applications require real world information. Through the Lunyr API, decentralized applications will be able to tap into the knowledge base and grab accurate data on real world events and information. This leads to immediate benefits for Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence projects similar to Siri or Amazon Echo are enhanced with the Lunyr API. When users ask fact-based questions, the decentralized application can dig through the Lunyr knowledge base and provide users with reliable, accurate answers.

Virtual Reality
The Lunyr API will enhance the intimate and visceral experience of interactive virtual worlds. Imagine putting on a virtual reality headset that lets you experience walking on the surface of Mars. As you walk along the cold, red-dusted ground, information about key landmarks and giant dust storms appear. All of this information is drawn from the knowledge base.

Augmented Reality
The Lunyr API can be the foundation for learning-based applications in Augmented Reality. Imagine you are at the beach on a sunny day and you see beautiful flowers by the seashore. You want to know what they are so you put on augmented reality glasses, which will identify the flowers, tap into the knowledge base, and give you all the information you need to satisfy your curiosity.

Crowdsale Summary

Initial LUN Supply Distribution

Funding Usage Breakdown

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Technical review Matchpool


Many people are interested in looking for people who match their interests. Matchpool is there to help out such people fulfill their interests by meeting individuals who make a match with them. Matchpool is a site that offers a platform for human connections. The matchmaking protocol it uses is decentralized and uses dynamics of a group to help those who participate in it, match with one another. It can be used for various cases like dating, education, leisure, lifestyle, businesses, membership clubs, recruitment or for health purposes. If anybody is interested in any of these areas and does not find an existing pool that interests him/her, they can create a pool of their own which can be joined by other participants interested in it, hence making a match.

A lot of dating applications have been developed, but only few have survived. They get few or no people have downloaded and are using the app. Since they do not have a matchlock, the number of male might be high by far compared to that of female, who have joined the dating application. This discourages the users since they don’t have a wide selection of female to choose from. Matchpool has a matchlock that prevents the number of big difference between the number of female and male users; the pool owner has the power to put the matchlock in his/her pool if necessary.

In this matchpool, there are rewards that are available. Any person is allowed to open and manage their own pool, and the person now becomes a pool owner. He/she can set his/her own rules and terms for the pool; they will then be rewarded once they create any matches inside the pool.

Matchpool, is the first mainstream matchmaking platform which is powered by a token (guppy) economy of cryptographic. Guppies can be bought or even sold with real money. The trusted algorithm of Matchpool automatically rewards users across the platform.

Matchpool Crowdsale

Matchpool users will divide into two catagories – Joiners & Hosts.
Joiners who wishes to enter a pool of their choice, will have to pay the pool's requisite entry fee, which will be defined at the creation of that Pool by the Pool's Host. In addition to this one-time registration fee, a monthly membership fee will be paid to the Pool. All payments will be held in an Ether based smart contract and will be processed using Matchpool's network own token Guppies (GUP). While in the Pool, nature will take its course and all members would be able to interact publicly on private channels in a way resembling Slack's interface. On the other side, users can also play the role of Hosts and Matchmakers.

The host will be the one who opens a custom Pool and gets dividends from its revenues. Matchmakers or Helpers as they are defined in the system can propose matches between two other joiners who they believe would be good partners. Those two joiners are then notified and in case they both accept, the event is added to their public notebook, and the Matchmaker get rewarded.

Matchpool - The future of dating

Both the Host of the pool and its matchmakers are entitled for shares of the Pools subscription and monthly fees, paid with GUP. Matchpool first 200,000 Users will get rewarded with GUPs upon registration enabling them to make their first steps in the platform.


Dapplets are another way Matchpool users can get rewarded. These are basically add-ons created by developers who want add to the Matchpool protocol. In practice, Dapplets work similar to Slack plugins but can enhance the experience in a number of ways. One example would be a Dapplet, which implements “Tinder” functionality: users can swipe through other users. If one of their apps creates a match of some kind for example: if a "Blind Date" game creates a real match, then the Dapplet developers are rewarded similarly to Matchmakers.

Issuance & Distribution

Matchpool - The future of dating

Matchpool - The future of dating

Matchpool—Web/Desktop UX First Look



Sunday, March 19, 2017

Qtum - the latest blockchain advancement

Introducing Qtum’s newest revolutionary blockchain that promises to build decentralised applications that work. Cited as the middle ground between the blockchain community and the business world by Bo Shen, a Managing Partner at Fenbushi Capital, Qtum is a combination of an infrastructure similar to a Bitcoin Core and a version of Ethereum Virtual Machine that is modified to be more inter-compatible. The result is a stable, reliable blockchain suited for real-world use, in particular for business purposes.

No other toolkit offers what Qtum does; it’s hybridity means it offers the best of multiple platforms to produce the very best user experience. The PoS consensus protocol makes Qtum applications compatible with all major blockchains and supports both mobile devices and IoT appliances.

With Qtum’s technology, established sectors will find it much simpler and more secure to create tokens, partake in self-executing agreements, and many industries will find that this technology allows them to operate in a more standardized way. Qtum have done everything in their power, including engaging with outside partners, to offer users the most reliable, foolproof system they possibly can, reducing the likelihood of errors and faults that can set a business back. The Qtum technology was produced with all industries in mind, and those working in telecommunications, social networking or IoT, to name just a few sectors, can expect to greatly benefit from the use of this blockchain.


Bloq, one of the largest blockchain startups is backing the Qtum technology after teaming up with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Bloq, nowadays known as Bloqlabs, is fully in support of promoting open-source initiatives, and it is hoped that the partnership with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a big step towards improving the standard of open-source initiatives across the board and help to bridge the gap between the original open-source communities and larger companies now onboard.

For more information on the QTUM crowdsale, please visit:

About Qtum

Qtum is a hybrid blockchain application platform. Its core technology combines a fork of bitcoin core, an Account Abstraction Layer allowing for multiple virtual machines including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Proof-of-stake Consensus aimed at tackling industry use cases. The Qtum Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, is the decision-making body that drives the project development. The Qtum Foundation has engaged one of the world’s leading professional service providers, PwC, for project management support.

Learn more at: Read the Whitepaper

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The Edgeless Casino ICO


Have you been disappointed by many casinos that are not fair and transparent to their players? Currently, many casino players are forced to believe that they will obtain fairness though most of them rig the game in secret for them to record huge profits. Most players have the odds placed against them. There are more than 50 casinos that have been blacklisted for their unethical practices. Transparency and trust are the most difficult practices to find in many online casinos. Online casinos can easily cheat their players, without them noticing it. This is because it is even hard for them to determine whether they cheated on their customers or not. This article will provide all the technical information about Edgeless Casino that you need to know.

The Edgeless project aims at tackling transparency as a major casinos problem and probably become the best casinos in the world. Features that make edgeless casino unique compared to other casinos

100% transparent

This is a unique feature that completely redefines how players will approach this gambling industry. This is made possible because the casino has Ethereum smart contract that will help players to achieve 0% house edge. This makes the servers of the casino to be accessed by almost everybody who might be interested. Most players have faith that the casino cannot cheat on them. The shareholders disclose the amount of profit they have earned during a specific period. The casino sets aside about 40% of its revenues to go to Edgeless lounge price pool.
- The casino has a strong competitive advantage than other players because of its high degree of transparency.
- The casino will offer many online gambling games that include;0%edge video poker, dice, black jack, and sport betting
- The edgeless casino has completely revolutionized how casinos operate and the changed the way people approach it.
- The casino will be launched soon, but the company is raising money through its crowd sale event popularly known as the initial coin offering.

Crowdfunding is where the shareholders can purchase digital tokens that can be used as currency and to validate your membership. Players who hold the EDG tokens can request to take part in a lottery when they can earn a lot of money.

The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to start on 28th February 2017 at 3.00PM GMT. The campaign targets to raise around 360000ETH only by selling tokens to players.The Edgeless casino is no doubt the most transparent casino that you absolutely need to try out!

Please note: US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale

Learn more about Edgeless project on