Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Edgeless Casino ICO


Have you been disappointed by many casinos that are not fair and transparent to their players? Currently, many casino players are forced to believe that they will obtain fairness though most of them rig the game in secret for them to record huge profits. Most players have the odds placed against them. There are more than 50 casinos that have been blacklisted for their unethical practices. Transparency and trust are the most difficult practices to find in many online casinos. Online casinos can easily cheat their players, without them noticing it. This is because it is even hard for them to determine whether they cheated on their customers or not. This article will provide all the technical information about Edgeless Casino that you need to know.

The Edgeless project aims at tackling transparency as a major casinos problem and probably become the best casinos in the world. Features that make edgeless casino unique compared to other casinos

100% transparent

This is a unique feature that completely redefines how players will approach this gambling industry. This is made possible because the casino has Ethereum smart contract that will help players to achieve 0% house edge. This makes the servers of the casino to be accessed by almost everybody who might be interested. Most players have faith that the casino cannot cheat on them. The shareholders disclose the amount of profit they have earned during a specific period. The casino sets aside about 40% of its revenues to go to Edgeless lounge price pool.
- The casino has a strong competitive advantage than other players because of its high degree of transparency.
- The casino will offer many online gambling games that include;0%edge video poker, dice, black jack, and sport betting
- The edgeless casino has completely revolutionized how casinos operate and the changed the way people approach it.
- The casino will be launched soon, but the company is raising money through its crowd sale event popularly known as the initial coin offering.

Crowdfunding is where the shareholders can purchase digital tokens that can be used as currency and to validate your membership. Players who hold the EDG tokens can request to take part in a lottery when they can earn a lot of money.

The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to start on 28th February 2017 at 3.00PM GMT. The campaign targets to raise around 360000ETH only by selling tokens to players.The Edgeless casino is no doubt the most transparent casino that you absolutely need to try out!

Please note: US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale

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