Tuesday, April 18, 2017

BitCAD | Encrypted business-platform


BitCAD is a management operating system that is entirely unified, allowing analysis and design of businesses based on Blockchain technology. It's many facets include the facility for online banking featuring integration with e-Wallets, online accounting with an automated system and a CRM system that integrates  business automation systems. This new- and exciting encrypted smart platform has many benefits for it's users and several unique selling points that put it ahead of the competition.

Unique Selling Points of BitCAD

Worldwide Community and Decentralized Network
As a decentralized governance model, BitCAD places industry, government, non-commercial interests and individuals all on an equal footing. In direct contrast to the more traditional governance models which generally operates from the top down with the government making decisions about policies, BitCAD goes for a multi-stakeholder approach which ensures that policy making is consensus-driven by the community as a whole. The primary idea behind it is compliance with all conditions and to keep it open to everyone without restrictions or borders.

Digital Asset and Multicurrency Ready
BitCAD is ready for use with all kinds of currencies, from traditional forms like the Dollar and Euro to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It can also support the use of Media-Sound currency and Digital Assets for even greater flexibility and appeal.

Smart Contracts and Business Processes
BitCAD offers Smart Contract Templates which can manage "smart" legal contracts throughout their entire process from start to finish. Beginning with the creation of a legal document template, progressing to the use of the template in the agreement and negotiation process by both parties to the contract execution itself, BitCAD simplifies and facilitates the process, and as an added bonus, provides a clear link to all legal documentation should a dispute arise. With a formal language that nevertheless has clear semantics and automatically identified execution parameters which can be passed into standardized code, ease of use is improved and lawyers can find themselves able to draw up contracts in a natural and simple way without using the more traditional legal form of language.

Speed and Reliability
BitCAD improves the speed and reliability of transactions, with the time taken from making a decision to the signing of the smart contract being cut down to under a minute. Users can also determine their own commission size which will affect the execution speed of the transaction. Reliability is also guaranteed since all significant distribution and storage is based on the existing tried and tested Blockchain technology.

Smart Oracles
The Smart Oracle is an easy yet flexible way of implementing Smart Contracts, encoding laws, business logic and other pre-agreed rules. In this system, it is possible to write rules in a range of programming languages with contracts being able to interact with all services that are able to accept commands that are signed cryptographically.

Dispute Resolution
The 3rd stage dispute resolution process which is automated and consists of story and electronic based arbitration or an impartial competent individual who has been specifically hired to resolve any complaint with regard to BitCAD's actions, decisions or management.

Biometric Authorization
With three different biometric authorization forms to choose from — fingerprint recognition, palm vein identification or face recognition, security is fully guaranteed.

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