Tuesday, April 18, 2017

EncryptoTel: Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure


Due to the great significant circulation of internet enabled devices and excessive tariff of our traditional calling system, people now prefer using internet VOIP for calling and other multi-tasking. And among the VOIP communication services, EncryptoTel whitepaper is proven to be the best due to their amazing and awesome features for users, businesses and marketing. They are the first secure VOIP and B2B Blockchain communication infrastructure and softphone with incorporated traffic encryption for businesses and individuals.

With this great features and security, you have no limit in using the VOIP platform to stay above any offers a traditional phone provider can offer you. You are capable of using this EncryptoTel on all operating systems or devices which include IP-phones gateways. So that as far as your phone or devices have access the internet, you would be able to use this multi-platform. The VOIP communication application can make a call to anyone, anytime and anywhere. There is no one that will use EncryptoTel services that won't enjoy it or feel safe that they have adopted this new technology, artificial intelligence and encryption. Because EncryptoTel is the communication solution we all have been waiting for.

These are some very interesting features of EncryptoTel
1. Scenarios of calls: with this great feature, you would be able to transfer an incoming call to another number which can be a home or mobile phone. There are many ways in which you can choose scenarios of calls and you would be able to identify the caller or incoming calls and with the data you already have stored.
2. Substitution/Hidden Number: with the help of a caller option you would be able to hide your phone number or substitute your real number with a different number so that your true number would be hidden from the person you are calling.
3. Voice Menu IVR: this service can be use to substitute the response service a secretary can do for you in the office. This service is an information center that automatically responds a certain question a client will ask about. E.g service condition, working hours, Company address etc.
4. Free internal numbers: you are entitled to enjoy cheap- and secure calls with the network.
5. Acquisition/attachment of your phone number: This VOIP service give you the freedom to purchase and use a number from over 100 countries.
6. Right distribution: you would be able to create as many accounts and assign the rights and determine the manager for a company's department.
7. Voice Greeting: you can record a voice or upload a song so that the voice will be the first thing the customer will hear when they call.
8. Call queue and storage: whenever there are many incoming calls and the company has no time to pick all at the same time, the solution is to enqueue the call.
9. EncryptoTel also comes with cloud storage for information storage.

1. The communication services implemented the latest encryption system for security.
2. The best services to make both your international and local calls.
3. It has text to call services.

Presently the beta version of EncryptoTel and Whitepaper is all that's available.

Since EncryptoTel is a new solution to communication and can contribute immensely to the communication world in terms of security and privacy. EncryptoTel will introduced a traffic encryption that is based on SIP/TLS technologies to ensure users and businesses are completely safe from data hijacking, call interception and unauthorized access. They have so much concern about the security and privacy of it's users and business since the company use SRTP and ZRTP protocols to provide the ultimate protection from audio interception and mandatory security for their VoIP services.

Impressed with what EncryptoTel will become?
Join the ICO @ http://ico.encryptotel.com

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