Tuesday, April 18, 2017

VOISE - Decentralized music platform for independent artists


VOISE will become a decentralized music streaming platform which will be developed using the blockchain technology and a personalized token based on the smart contract ecosystem of Ethereum. VOISE allows music streaming and downloading to it's users. This platform serves beneficial to both the starting artistes and the VOISE fams. Music and entertainment are a dynamic industry and we see that opportunities for the potential and starting artistes to get noticed are not that simple. Here, with Voise, this creative community can make money from their masterpieces. On the other hand, the funds received at the developers' end are used for the development of the Ethereum blockchain and making efforts to make the platform getting better and increase the number of users.

Voisiums [VSM] are the default currency of the VOISE platform, which are generally supposed to be used to purchase content. The platform is constructed on the foundation of Ethereum's smart contract technology and each user is free to stock up their earned tokens in the wallet of his own choice or the VOISE platform. The users are free to trade these tokens as any other cryptocurrencies.
Considering the current model, the platform works as a wallet, where the users get a choice to transfer their money to hasten up the process of the purchase transactions.

VOISE has issued a detailed roadmap for launching the platform in the whitepaper issued by their team. Having reviewed the roadmap, the following phases will be launched from time to time starting from Q3-Q4 2017 and the roadmap is perceived to complete the development around Q4 2018.

• The Alpha (a)
The alpha phase is the initial stage of the VOISE platform where the cryptocurrency users are targeted to help build the finest decentralized music platform.

• The Beta ([3)
The beta phase comprises of diverse methods of creating awareness, that endeavor to unlock the VOISE platform to users who are new to this type of technology.

• The Gamma (y)
The gamma phase intends to be launched at a large scale inviting eminent dignitaries in the music and entertainment community along with the potential financiers interested in investing into the platform to create a great music experience for the community. During this phase, steps shall be taken to make use of appropriate methodology to support the automatic piracy detection system.
The major challenge for making the VOISE platform a great success and beneficial for the entire community will be creating specific awareness about this technology. The community needs to be explained on the benefits in terms of making money and achieving popularity for their talents. In order to do so, VOISE plan to conduct an ICO.

The Ethereum-based platform tokens will be disseminated to investors in this phase. According to the available data shared, there is a total of one hundred million Vosiums, of which ninety two million will be sold to investors during the ICO. Everyone investor will receive one hundred and sixty VSM tokens per Ether invested. The remaining eight million tokens will be used for advertising and the VOISE team.

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