Friday, May 19, 2017

Starbase, the platform to boost your ideas


A venture that comes from the veterans, who have sound knowhow and experience in technology, economy and needs of the society is Starbase. They have recognized that fuelling an innovative idea to go sky high not only needs motivation, it also requires adequate funding. So the promoters of Starbase have also banked on the crowdfunding model, wherein the investments come from people, who appreciate new ideas and liberally fund it. So selling the innovations to the investors has become effortless for Starbase. It has become an ideal and abundant funding source for the innovators to make the ideas WIN.

Moreover there is no influence or restrictions imposed by the investors on the implementation and the operations. Novel funding modelPrudent funding also has to come in rapidly, while overcoming all the limitations and the boundaries that exist. So Starbase uses digital currencies that e-Commerce made it the way of our life. Today's digital money being used for online buying and selling is based on the real money managed by the Federal and the banking systems. But Starbase adapts a cutting edge technology for funding too. While exploiting the concept of cryptography for protecting the digital money in transit, Starbase also has found it necessary to use the best of IT to enhance safety and freedom of the digital money for promoting innovations. Because it is being used for the noble cause and encourages new ideas to succeed.

The technology that was used by Bitcoin and Ether and being widely researched for implementation by Blockchain make the model even more futuristic, for the achievement of the goals of Starbase. The tamper proof technology of fundingThe funding comes from the investing people who have vision of seeing accomplishments of dreams that would have otherwise become impossible for want of money.

These investors also employ more powerful electronic currency that is outside the monetary systems. Starbase bets on the model of cyber currency promoted by endeavours like Bitcoin, that installs at least 3 ATMs a month as of May,2017 and Ether. Because they use reliable technology wherein the digital money is stored safely in a distributed database as ledgers, it is not controlled by IT administrators but by the collaborated people using advanced technology. The digital money used is stored with the history of the transactions which has no scope for tampering. So the money that comes for the rescue of successes is clean, abundant, instant and also safe that cannot be stolen or misappropriated.

Safe bet for every stakeholder of Starbase. It is evident that investors that put is in their money in Starbase, in the form of Bitcoin or Ether, the novel cyber currencies to support new ventures will win for sure. The launch of Starbase is on soon; in 2017 Q4. The investors' fund will remain as Stars and will be traded in the Currency Exchanges thereafter. By the sheer strength of the digital currency, the conversion of these to real dollars will be even more valuable. Early birds in Starbase will be most benefited than the tail enders.


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