Friday, May 5, 2017

BOScoin | Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform


Well, what is BOScoin? BOScoin is a new virtual currency from a South Korean Fintech startup Blockchain OS. And unlike the existing virtual currencies, BOScoin is a new digital currency which also happens to be based on a blockchain. However, according to the company's experts it has a higher transactional speed which will go up to about 1000 transactions per second that is in line with the credit card processing speed.

Its platform has been presented in both London and Berlin by Blockchain OS where they have been answering the questions of many with interests in the fields of design, technical, architecture, and governance. BOScoin is designed as a platform for a self-evolving crypto currency as an upgraded and much better version of both the Etherum and Bitcoin. BOScoin is however built to assist in trust contracts that usually provide a more approachable framework for creation and execution of blockchain contracts. Trust contracts are those secure and executable contracts that are based on a decidable programming framework namely Owlchain and which comprises of two main components which are the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and a Timed Automata Language (TAL).

BOSchain has been developed to help create a much better democratic and decision making procedure. It aims to bring both technical operational issues at a minimum in many crypto currencies. The company is trying to be energy efficient with BOScoin transactions being created with the assistance of the modified federated Byzantine agreement algorithm.

Smart contracts

The Blockchain OS foundation that is involved or tasked with the issuance and management of the token currency BOScoin is situated in Switzerland which has helped set up the crypto currency and blockchain across 150 countries.

By being able to utilize their expertise in governance and not forgetting their experience in working with many global private companies, they will be able to apply BOScoin which will in turn help provide a platform for a more secure system i.e. even where non-technical users will be a able to create both shareable and blockchain contracts.

BOScoin is made up of a governance system in which the node operators also known as the congress network which participates in creation and voting of the proposals so as to allow continuous improvement on the software as well as the ecosystem. This congress network works with the congress users in three different ways: through transactions, through proposals and by coin freezing.

New coins are however usually offered in four ways, in initial development budget, through confirmation rewards, through freezing rewards and finally by offering the commons budget. For those who may wish to join BOScoin there are various categories. Where each different category has been given a bounty pool. These are
1. Signature or Avatar campaign
2. ICO dashboard
3. Newsletter and Slack Subscriptions
4. Community manager campaign
5. Translations campaign
6. Social channel activity campaign.

In this bounty applications, one will require to submit a different bounty application using an online form which is quite easy and fast. It will help the company determine the best way to offer all the bounties.

Supply BOScoin

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