Friday, May 5, 2017

EXSCUDO - Nextgen Financial Ecosystem


The future is bright with ever growing technological advancements and forward thinking ideas emerging by the day. A great new idea is that of bitcoins and an interesting new development plan set up by Exscudo. In order to fully understand their mission, it is important to understand the currency which they seek to set up. Read on to find out more about this new development in online and digital currency exchange.

Firstly, the bitcoin or EONcoin is what they call a new formulation of encryption controlled transaction units that is being worked on to eventually form a new digital type of currency. This all happens independently of a banking system, creating a secure and controllable environment for you to control your money. The new system of bitcoins is currently under development, and is debated over an online forum set up by Exscudo. This platform has begun a miners' bounty campaign in order to spread the word and contribute to the effectiveness of the EONcoin market.

An exciting online all bounty hunt' has begun and is being held by Exscudo for various discounts on bitcoins, of which the Exscudo site will eventually act as a digital stock trading market for investment online. These are being called EON coins, and are being so-called mined for such discounts at incredibly low costs. In this way, Exscudo is working to unite the current up-and-coming cryptocurrency market with the traditional style of trading.

The concept of Bitcoin mining is a task carried out by researchers of all kinds to carry out online projects and write reports in exchange for cryptocurrency, in this case Bitcoins. This is becoming a very popular way of making money, yet requires lots of hard work and effort, as well as a high level of expertise in the fields you report on This underlines the Exscudo ICO project, as it is working toward the ultimate goal of allowing people who mine for bitcoins to actually make use of this currency for daily life. It works to eventually eliminate the long processes of converting cryptocurrency into the currencies which is currently in use

In this way, Exscudo offers a new way to work for and transfer money. They have come up with credit card systems as well as merchant plans that will work instantly and cost next to nothing to exchange with their clients. For those who may be confused about the concept of bitcoins, this is a good way of understanding it; as a new form of currency that is instantly transferred from individual to individual without any additional costs often heaped onto us by banking systems. This allows our money to remain our money.

The current ICO for Bit or EON coins is a marketing scheme for getting the word out as well as creating a good fund base in order to drive the Exscudo project forward. This allows people who believe in the future of cryptocurrency to invest early on in the game. The future of this form of currency will be able to be controlled and managed through mobile devices and online without having to go through middle men like banks. Many people find this form of currency the way of the future as it allows more control to be placed in the hands of the individual who possesses the bitcoins/E0Ncoins.



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