Wednesday, May 24, 2017

SpacePirate: Age of Rust


SpacePirate: Age of Rust is considered to be a dark science-fiction role adventure game in the dystopian intergalactic universe. It characterizes the step-by-step combat that is applied against the game enemies as well as the other players. It plays like a D&D style game that could be played with the other people. There is no need to make a mistake, at the heart of adventure and the mystery that is rewarding the players with the hidden treasures. The Cryptocurrency Integration that is used in this game gives a possibility not to buy any bitcoin, Rust Chain or RUSTBITS, as well as the cards for SpacePirate playing. On the contrary, a person may get them as rewards to solve puzzles or complete the actions that exist in the game. If a gamer wants to upgrade the weapon in the game having a cryptocurrency, he may do this in SpacePirate. This game takes also twenty and more cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum via

The other way is to use Two Factor Authentication that protects an online account, as well as the withdrawals from the people who are unauthorized via the Auth authentication from that, has two factors. Authentication of Two Factors is a secure way that may protect the online accounts. This works requires a person to identify himself with a use of two different things during a time of log-in to the web-site. The next factor is connected to 'you have' issue, as a cell phone. A person may think of these two factors as a thing that is known for her, such as a password + something that she may have (as a cellphone). Using Authy, it will become easy to use such Authentication that consists of Two-Factors on the online accounts with a use of the smartphone. The program developers provide people with an App that would it easy for people to keep the tokens and working for a firm authentication.

Blockchain Token Cards that have a name of the Rust Chain Cards offer the players an ability to trade, use cards in time of a game and to collect. Such cards would be also on the blockchain as a series that is limited of the digital tokens with a goal to trade out of the game. The cards can be used in this game to prize the players with the special items as well as the capabilities in the game. An illustration would be plus one to attack as well as plus ten to armor or an item that exists in-game as a class of ship that is an elite one There are cards that would be available for free in such a game as the rewards to solve the other achievements and puzzles.

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