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SkinCoin - Universal Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum


Crypto-currencies have taken over the market the past few years allowing the development of a less restricted way of exchange for currencies and for some investors as a way to make some cash playing with their fluctuations. And as it was expected for players all around the world, it didn't take much time for crypto-currency entrepreneurs to incur in the online-gaming market. Filling the needs For most investors, this might sound dull, but there is a huge need for globally accepted currency when it comes to online gaming.

Since its beginnings with "World Of Warcraft" and "MU online" in early 2000's there was some sort of black market born from the existence of inner game currency and skin currency and the need of some pro-players to exteriorize their earnings. Players with least time or will to spend playing would pay with real cash in exchange for the impulse, thus creating a limitation on the market to trustable areas, adding the fact that the money spent in one game would most probably die in "that world". The difference Skincoin is not coming out the market as a regular crypto-currency.

It was designed to fill the needs described above. The main goal of Skincoin is to become the universal currency to be used in online gaming sites, allowing a better communication between players, games, and worlds/servers. This way, the currency will simplify the skin/coin trading process, and in consequence, it will: - Ease the conversion of gaming effort into usable real-life cash. - Ease the process of migration from one game/world/server to other. - Ease the entrance of newcomers to the games market (turning playtime into money and the other way around).

For investors

Now, you are not here to talk about games, so let's point out the features of the Skincoin as an investment. - Skincoin is, unlike the others, born with an established Meta market (Online gaming community) and supported by platforms such as steam which alone represents a huge part of the E-Sports market.
- This crypto-currency is working with the Etherium Blockchain platform, which is already on the stock market and keeps a main tendency to the rise.
- The ICO system working as an intermediary will also regulate the inner coin's market, thus solving a server administrative issue "in-game inflation" which will attract many other companies to participate.

The plan

The first offer to buy decentralized SKINCOIN is dated July 2017. This will be used to buy/sell skins, and in-game services. In the same month is programmed for the exchange platforms to start using the currency.

The launch of the main platform for exchanging is programmed for August 2017, allowing the players and users to change their inner currency for Skincoin s and back at any time. Afterward is programmed the launch of an API to receive and convert in-game skins and coins into Skincoin and back, easing the transactions with other websites, related to Counter Strike: GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. Once the API is available, the plan is to focus on increasing the partner's base, boosting the Skincoin's demand and thus raising its market share.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Technical Overview InsureX


The global economic output of insurance market is 5,7% or about $3,92 trillion. With this huge amount of market share, InsureX provides a safe and transparent platform for insurers, reinsurers, and brokers to do the transaction. This paperless full digital blockchain system that is offered by InsureX creates an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent market place.

InsureX offers some key features to facilitate your transaction.

List and market insurance product. In this platform, the sellers can choose, whether they want to display their product for public or only for limited selected group. Information of the products include the key characteristic, potential target region, and potential target market. The document sharing function that offers by InsureX ensure the transparency and simplicity of the process. In other words, everyone can see the same transaction details and documents.

Transaction execution.

Participants of the transactions can even see the information in real time. It means, there is no need to use third party.

Portfolio management.

With this feature, you can have an overview of your transactions and a summary view of key metrics. To help you to organize your data, you can build your portfolio hierarchical and nested. You will get also the high-risk data, such as risk, premium, claim, and performance.

Market insight.

To facilitate your transaction, InsureX provides an overview of information from market activity across regions, market sectors, exposures, etc.

InsureX mainly focus on insurance market. This means that the target market of InsureX is reinsurer, insurers, brokers, and general companies.

The system of InsureX is based on reward, in this regard is token. The token will be awarded for the transaction execution reward, reward for providing data, platform access, and API licenses. Besides award, InsureX offers bonus system too.

Merely finance themselves through crowdsale, the funds will mainly distribute for the development and infrastructure of InsureX. Established in 2017, the transaction for crowdsale will be ended on July 31th 2017 at 2 pm UTC.

What unique with this platform is, is their campaign. They use a social media campaign that rewarded common people that promote their business. A main requirement to join their campaign is that a person must have a Bitcointalk username. Besides that, InsureX applies quite strict regulations for people who campaign for them. For translator, you must provide a previous work result. In twitter, the campaigner must have at least 200 followers, whereas in facebook campaigner must have at least 100 friends. InsureX pays them with stakes. It means that the campaigners work double for them. The campaigners make an advertisement for InsureX, and on the other hand the campaigners play some role also in the development of InsureX with their stakes. It is, indeed, a smart strategy and win-win solution for InsureX and the campaigners.

Based on the concept, InsureX can give their participants an ultimate benefit. Their blockchain system allows participants to see the big chuck of data and, therefore, many possibilities to join the market based on their requirements. Though the crowdsale is only conducted in a limited time, once InsureX established, they will develop it for independent risk and valuation services, direct costumer products, and automated brokering services. Combine with one of the biggest market share in global economy output, InsureX system of transparency can, indeed, be one of the promising method in insurance market.



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Dent Will Change The Telecommunications Industry


Cellular knowledge permits the switch of knowledge from a mobile gadget to its respective service, permitting for using Web providers with out Wi-Fi or the types. A really handy commodity for telephone holders, particularly those that journey. In fact, cellular knowledge is proscribed due to the ruling firms and the pricing may be strict and unpredictable at finest for a lot of customers. Nonetheless, DENT Wi-fi Restricted has introduced its plans to free the cellular knowledge market from these financial giants. This revolution of the telecommunications trade is deliberate to work through using the model new, world, and tradable cryptocurrency often called the DENT token, which inspires an energetic buying and selling economic system of cellular knowledge. Moreover, this complete effort is being backed by a extremely skilled workforce of cellular specialists and entrepreneurs. On this age of expertise and cellular gadgets, one of the vital valued merchandise is cellular knowledge. The corporate has additionally created its personal white paper for the system, which would be the primary reference in this overview.


DENT For context, a "white paper" is basically a blueprint for marketing or creation efforts. DENT's white paper is spread out across 12 chapters containing 27 pages that list out the entire plan of the token's launch, the functionality of the cryptocurrency, the team behind it, and the efforts to spread it across the economy equally. Chapter 1 is an introductory executive summary to the entirety of DENT, chapter 2 is about the team and their abilities, chapter 3 details the democratic nature of this currency, chapter 4 is the roadmap for DENT's launch and effort, chapter 5 tells the benefits of the blockchain structure and what users can do with DENT tokens, chapter 6 is about how the company will spread DENT to developing countries like those in Africa, chapter 7 is details about the token sale on launch day, chapter 8 talks about how the currency can appreciate and depreciate, chapter 9 is how key players in the telecom industry can be utilized to help DENT, chapter 10 is the architecture of the currency, chapter 11 is about the complexities of transferring and trading data packages among users and carriers, and chapter 12 is a conclusive summary of the paper. As such, this white paper is all one needs in order to understand how this brand new cryptocurrency will work.

The Whitepaper

Stated in chapter 1 of the white paper, the entire DENT token will be formulated as a global exchange of mobile data throughout the Ethereum Blockchain. For context, a blockchain is a highly secured coding structure that keeps track of every transaction in the cryptocurrency market throughout a series of networks. This gives every competitor in the market a candid and unaltered look at the economy. In this universal market of data, users can buy and sell data packages, as well as donate unused data to the market for DENT tokens, this is stated in chapter 4 of the white paper: "Launch the DENT Exchange on Ethereum blockchain for buying, selling, and donating mobile data packages" - DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 10. This means if you end up with a surplus of spare data on any occasion, you can simply trade it in for free tokens. A prime example purely provided from chapter 4 of the DENT whitepaper states (in a paraphrased light): Mike, a US carrier customer, who has arrived in Australia, can "access the data marketplace through the Wi-Fi and buy whatever data he needs without any SIM card changes or carrier agreements". "The data could have been bought from Jane", an Australian carrier customer, who receives those tokens and "plans to spend them on her next European vacation". This entire system is all international as well, as stated in, again, chapter 4 of the white paper: "For multi-national operator partners, the DENT exchange represents an ideal platform to facilitate international data transfer for their user base." - DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 10. It is an amazing democratic evolution of the mobile data market as users will no longer have to fear fluctuations of prices in their data bills and can trade said data freely among each other anonymously. In their executive summary in chapter 1, "DENT aims to turn unused $4.8 Billion USD per month into usage" DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 5. This is all a system to very much trust as well, as stated in sub-chapters 2.1 and 2.2 of the white paper, the team consists of members with 12 - 20 years of Telecoms experience and one of the co-founders, "Mikko Linnamaki", also being the co-founder of "DOVECOT". Using this new system, data users can finally own the data that they've paid for.

Conclusion - DENT

Overall, there are high hopes to be had for this new system. The fact that the mobile data market will be in possession of the users is a revolutionary feature that is sure to excite every one of the said users. With the democratic, simple, and anonymous trading features (chapters 4 and 11), the erasing of high-cost fees from carriers (chapter 1), the division of data to developing countries in need (chapter 6), and a specialized and experienced team of mobile authorities (chapter 2), DENT will surely make 2017 a profound year of the mobile data market. The DENT token sale begins on July 12th of 2017 where the 1 Billion tokens will be distributed.


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Monday, June 19, 2017

SONM - Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining


Permanent improvements, development, pushing the limits are significantly important for inherently transcendent human consciousness. IT and exponential growth of world's total computing power are the pinnacle of the human mind evolution. Technology bringing together all the computational resources of humanity, interacting under the management of the artificial intelligence can be our pathway to the next, higher level of comprehensive perception of the world around, we will be able to process mathematical calculations not previous thought possible. Comprehend unseen laws and language of the universe, and open a new wonderful era of the mankind.

Computing power is the fundamental factor of the technological progress nowadays. Internet, scientific calculations, space exploration, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, bioinformatics, nanotechnology are worth the effort and pay off the significant increase of the entire network performance, technological singularity. Today computing cloud concept is way to the new disruptive fog computing technology. The advantage of fog computing means there is no third party controlling of the data. Additionally, SONM is capable of fulfilling the needs of passengers and drivers alike without them having to rely on parties such as Uber or Lyft. A decentralized application using a decentralized network of computing power can achieve the same result, but at a cheaper price and without intermediaries.

Any computing device from Smartphone and tablet to supercomputers clusters can be made a part of distributed worldwide computer managing the internet of everything. The creation of the SONM — the first functional decentralized supercomputing platform for general-purpose path, representing block chain based network or distributed computation and global decentralized computing power market. SONM project is any computing device owner, the opportunity to get passive income providing their computational resources for rent and make the impact on the new technologies development at the same time, on the other hand, the clients needing computing power will be able to significantly reduce their costs and get the most efficiënt solution on the market.

For buyers, SONM divides the prospects of security in two parts: consumption and functioning. The first part describes a series of methods applied to ensure honest buyers run their tasks for a given time; while the second part discusses how SONM applies certain tricks to ensure problem-free task execution.

SONM Architecture's

Navigating through the website we found several aspects which makes SONM ambitious, to say the least.

Ethereum smart contracts

A consensus system ensuring transparency and security for the system’s participants

Fog computing

А decentralized and more efficient computing model compared to cloud


An open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology, and a decentralized computing platform

Docker Container

Аn isolated environment ensuring computing
parallelism and appropriate apps running on any device


A peer-to-peer system for fast and safe data transfer


A peer-to-peer technology for node communication

Furthermore, SONM is the platform which is able to provide decentralized services in a heterogeneous computing environment, expected to me the cornerstone of the computing and internet future, which will be dramatically boosted by machine learning and general-purposed artificial intelligence. Using the artificial intelligence in SONM project focuses on three main issues: the problem with trust, Traveling Salesman problem and Knapsack problem. While the trust problem in context of trust issues between hubs, is solved by analyzing their rating systems, the Knapsack problem and the Traveling Salesman problem are solved by dividing resources between different projects, and by resource distribution and backs to GRID-network standards.

The SONM can be used for modeling, drugs development, aerodynamic calculations, climate changes prediction, social statistics and aerodynamic calculations. Technologies our functional prototype is successfully processing scientific and grade calculations in drug discovery and home SONM project which uses SONM power to model new biomedical drugs against diseases.

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Technical Review FundYourselfNow


How the technology has changed. I remember the day and age when our own dollar was on the gold standard. Under the Nixon administration in 1971, the gold standard was replaced by the elimination of having to revaluate and redeem our dollars to an equivalent amount of gold. The only backing we have now is the "full faith and credit of the United States of America". In short, with the advent of the internet and real time trades on the major markets, using the dollar or other such similar currency seems a bit foolish and cumbersome. Hence, bitcoins and using white papers to contract and conduct business, globally. There are several advantages. Firstly, there is no "currency" changing hands, the transaction is happening in cyberspace using bitcoins and via white papers. White papers, in many ways, remind me of governments and large corporations using Baer Bonds and the like for extremely large transactions, typically those by large banks and other corporations.

One of the features of using bitcoins in conjunction with FundYourselfNow

FundYourselfNow Is the lack of regulation because there is no exchange rate to worry about since bitcoins are virtual reality instruments not paper money nor are they actual coinage. Because there is no exchange rate, every transaction is treated at a par value. A one cent bitcoin here in the US is worth the same in the UK. The only problem is that because of the lack of regulation on white paper currency and companies like Fund Yourself , what, if any fail safes are in place to protect the consumer? Another issue of using this relevantly naissant technology is that of cyber terrorism. In this global economy, failing to mention this potential quagmire would be fool hardy and unwise. There are two reasons I mention this Anytime one is on the internet exchanging money, there is the inherent risk for laundering, fraud and theft of not just money, but intellectual property as well. Secondly, because many systems are not as secure as they should be, it entirely possible that our computer systems and other infrastructures could be made even more vulnerable to an attack. Finally, actual terrorists could be receiving the money without one's knowledge. It appears that once the technology has been secured (and Fund Yourself is a step in the right direction) and the bugs and kinks are taken out, using white papers and bitcoin will be as common place as is taking a dollar bill out of one's wallet. In terms of business, I can certainly view the possibilities in both the negative and positive.

In terms of positive attributes, because of the lack of a hard metal or other collateralized type of currency, the relative costs of exchange will be a lot lower than real currency. However, that brings up a real issue of regulation. Who is overseeing these transactions, what is in place to prevent fraud and what of security, integration and the universality of recognizing bitcoin and white papers as legitimate forms of payment? Until, these gray areas have been worked out in this ever increasing global market, there will always be these issues.

Decentralized VPN powered by Blockchain @ Mysterium.Network

As internet usage increases and data retrieval, storage costs are decreasing, most internet users are losing their privacy when they use the internet. Internet service providers are collecting information about internet usage of a particular user, to create a user profile, which can be sold to advertisers. Additionally governments across the world are also collecting information about the internet usage of those residing in the country, officially for national security, yet in reality it can be used for creating a profile of users, for identifying dissenters and whistle blowers. So increasingly internet users are using VPN or virtual private network for access the internet and the Mysterium network is building a decentralized VPN which allows VPN owners to sell their unused VPN traffic.

Mysterium Network is the open source software developed by the Mysterium foundation which is being used for the marketplace of a decentralized network of VPNs. The software allows anyone owning a VPN to join the Mysterium network as a provider or anyone interested in using VPN services to become a customer, purchasing the the VPN services from the service providers in the network. The Mysterium network uses existing technologies and protocols like block chain, p2p, state channels, smart contracts. Unlike centralized VPNs where all the data is in the hand of a single provider, the Mysterium network aims to dissolve the data so that it is distributed among the various nodes of the VPN network and cannot be retrieved easily by unauthorized persons.

At present most of the VPN users are in Asia due to the greater restrictions on internet usage in the continent. The increase in cyber attacks has also increased the demand for VPNs in western countries as ISP connections are not very secure. Also a large number of companies are hiring freelancers to reduce their expenses, however they have to use secure networks to connect to corporate servers for security purposes. The advantage of a distributed VPN like Mysterium is that it focuses on the benefits for all stakeholders in the VPN network. Since the data is distributed among the VPN notes, the fragmented data is of no value or relatively less value, and cannot be accessed by a third party.

Since there is a lot of competition in the Mysterium network, the prices are lower compared to conventional VPN and micro-payments are allowed . The Mysterium VPN network is infinitely scalable using a peer to peer design, so that it does it fail safe. The open source code can be checked by anyone, and coders can contribute to enhance the code.The protection protocols are layered and the latest encryption technologies make it safe for users to use the Mysterium VPN network.


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