Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Decentralized VPN powered by Blockchain @ Mysterium.Network


As internet usage increases and data retrieval, storage costs are decreasing, most internet users are losing their privacy when they use the internet. Internet service providers are collecting information about internet usage of a particular user, to create a user profile, which can be sold to advertisers. Additionally governments across the world are also collecting information about the internet usage of those residing in the country, officially for national security, yet in reality it can be used for creating a profile of users, for identifying dissenters and whistle blowers. So increasingly internet users are using VPN or virtual private network for access the internet and the Mysterium network is building a decentralized VPN which allows VPN owners to sell their unused VPN traffic.

Mysterium Network is the open source software developed by the Mysterium foundation which is being used for the marketplace of a decentralized network of VPNs. The software allows anyone owning a VPN to join the Mysterium network as a provider or anyone interested in using VPN services to become a customer, purchasing the the VPN services from the service providers in the network. The Mysterium network uses existing technologies and protocols like block chain, p2p, state channels, smart contracts. Unlike centralized VPNs where all the data is in the hand of a single provider, the Mysterium network aims to dissolve the data so that it is distributed among the various nodes of the VPN network and cannot be retrieved easily by unauthorized persons.

At present most of the VPN users are in Asia due to the greater restrictions on internet usage in the continent. The increase in cyber attacks has also increased the demand for VPNs in western countries as ISP connections are not very secure. Also a large number of companies are hiring freelancers to reduce their expenses, however they have to use secure networks to connect to corporate servers for security purposes. The advantage of a distributed VPN like Mysterium is that it focuses on the benefits for all stakeholders in the VPN network. Since the data is distributed among the VPN notes, the fragmented data is of no value or relatively less value, and cannot be accessed by a third party.

Since there is a lot of competition in the Mysterium network, the prices are lower compared to conventional VPN and micro-payments are allowed . The Mysterium VPN network is infinitely scalable using a peer to peer design, so that it does it fail safe. The open source code can be checked by anyone, and coders can contribute to enhance the code.The protection protocols are layered and the latest encryption technologies make it safe for users to use the Mysterium VPN network.


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