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Dent Will Change The Telecommunications Industry


Cellular knowledge permits the switch of knowledge from a mobile gadget to its respective service, permitting for using Web providers with out Wi-Fi or the types. A really handy commodity for telephone holders, particularly those that journey. In fact, cellular knowledge is proscribed due to the ruling firms and the pricing may be strict and unpredictable at finest for a lot of customers. Nonetheless, DENT Wi-fi Restricted has introduced its plans to free the cellular knowledge market from these financial giants. This revolution of the telecommunications trade is deliberate to work through using the model new, world, and tradable cryptocurrency often called the DENT token, which inspires an energetic buying and selling economic system of cellular knowledge. Moreover, this complete effort is being backed by a extremely skilled workforce of cellular specialists and entrepreneurs. On this age of expertise and cellular gadgets, one of the vital valued merchandise is cellular knowledge. The corporate has additionally created its personal white paper for the system, which would be the primary reference in this overview.


DENT For context, a "white paper" is basically a blueprint for marketing or creation efforts. DENT's white paper is spread out across 12 chapters containing 27 pages that list out the entire plan of the token's launch, the functionality of the cryptocurrency, the team behind it, and the efforts to spread it across the economy equally. Chapter 1 is an introductory executive summary to the entirety of DENT, chapter 2 is about the team and their abilities, chapter 3 details the democratic nature of this currency, chapter 4 is the roadmap for DENT's launch and effort, chapter 5 tells the benefits of the blockchain structure and what users can do with DENT tokens, chapter 6 is about how the company will spread DENT to developing countries like those in Africa, chapter 7 is details about the token sale on launch day, chapter 8 talks about how the currency can appreciate and depreciate, chapter 9 is how key players in the telecom industry can be utilized to help DENT, chapter 10 is the architecture of the currency, chapter 11 is about the complexities of transferring and trading data packages among users and carriers, and chapter 12 is a conclusive summary of the paper. As such, this white paper is all one needs in order to understand how this brand new cryptocurrency will work.

The Whitepaper

Stated in chapter 1 of the white paper, the entire DENT token will be formulated as a global exchange of mobile data throughout the Ethereum Blockchain. For context, a blockchain is a highly secured coding structure that keeps track of every transaction in the cryptocurrency market throughout a series of networks. This gives every competitor in the market a candid and unaltered look at the economy. In this universal market of data, users can buy and sell data packages, as well as donate unused data to the market for DENT tokens, this is stated in chapter 4 of the white paper: "Launch the DENT Exchange on Ethereum blockchain for buying, selling, and donating mobile data packages" - DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 10. This means if you end up with a surplus of spare data on any occasion, you can simply trade it in for free tokens. A prime example purely provided from chapter 4 of the DENT whitepaper states (in a paraphrased light): Mike, a US carrier customer, who has arrived in Australia, can "access the data marketplace through the Wi-Fi and buy whatever data he needs without any SIM card changes or carrier agreements". "The data could have been bought from Jane", an Australian carrier customer, who receives those tokens and "plans to spend them on her next European vacation". This entire system is all international as well, as stated in, again, chapter 4 of the white paper: "For multi-national operator partners, the DENT exchange represents an ideal platform to facilitate international data transfer for their user base." - DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 10. It is an amazing democratic evolution of the mobile data market as users will no longer have to fear fluctuations of prices in their data bills and can trade said data freely among each other anonymously. In their executive summary in chapter 1, "DENT aims to turn unused $4.8 Billion USD per month into usage" DENT Wireless, DENT Whitepaper V2, 2017, PDF, Page 5. This is all a system to very much trust as well, as stated in sub-chapters 2.1 and 2.2 of the white paper, the team consists of members with 12 - 20 years of Telecoms experience and one of the co-founders, "Mikko Linnamaki", also being the co-founder of "DOVECOT". Using this new system, data users can finally own the data that they've paid for.

Conclusion - DENT

Overall, there are high hopes to be had for this new system. The fact that the mobile data market will be in possession of the users is a revolutionary feature that is sure to excite every one of the said users. With the democratic, simple, and anonymous trading features (chapters 4 and 11), the erasing of high-cost fees from carriers (chapter 1), the division of data to developing countries in need (chapter 6), and a specialized and experienced team of mobile authorities (chapter 2), DENT will surely make 2017 a profound year of the mobile data market. The DENT token sale begins on July 12th of 2017 where the 1 Billion tokens will be distributed.


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