Thursday, June 29, 2017

SkinCoin - Universal Cryptocurrency based on Ethereum


Crypto-currencies have taken over the market the past few years allowing the development of a less restricted way of exchange for currencies and for some investors as a way to make some cash playing with their fluctuations. And as it was expected for players all around the world, it didn't take much time for crypto-currency entrepreneurs to incur in the online-gaming market. Filling the needs For most investors, this might sound dull, but there is a huge need for globally accepted currency when it comes to online gaming.

Since its beginnings with "World Of Warcraft" and "MU online" in early 2000's there was some sort of black market born from the existence of inner game currency and skin currency and the need of some pro-players to exteriorize their earnings. Players with least time or will to spend playing would pay with real cash in exchange for the impulse, thus creating a limitation on the market to trustable areas, adding the fact that the money spent in one game would most probably die in "that world". The difference Skincoin is not coming out the market as a regular crypto-currency.

It was designed to fill the needs described above. The main goal of Skincoin is to become the universal currency to be used in online gaming sites, allowing a better communication between players, games, and worlds/servers. This way, the currency will simplify the skin/coin trading process, and in consequence, it will: - Ease the conversion of gaming effort into usable real-life cash. - Ease the process of migration from one game/world/server to other. - Ease the entrance of newcomers to the games market (turning playtime into money and the other way around).

For investors

Now, you are not here to talk about games, so let's point out the features of the Skincoin as an investment. - Skincoin is, unlike the others, born with an established Meta market (Online gaming community) and supported by platforms such as steam which alone represents a huge part of the E-Sports market.
- This crypto-currency is working with the Etherium Blockchain platform, which is already on the stock market and keeps a main tendency to the rise.
- The ICO system working as an intermediary will also regulate the inner coin's market, thus solving a server administrative issue "in-game inflation" which will attract many other companies to participate.

The plan

The first offer to buy decentralized SKINCOIN is dated July 2017. This will be used to buy/sell skins, and in-game services. In the same month is programmed for the exchange platforms to start using the currency.

The launch of the main platform for exchanging is programmed for August 2017, allowing the players and users to change their inner currency for Skincoin s and back at any time. Afterward is programmed the launch of an API to receive and convert in-game skins and coins into Skincoin and back, easing the transactions with other websites, related to Counter Strike: GO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. Once the API is available, the plan is to focus on increasing the partner's base, boosting the Skincoin's demand and thus raising its market share.

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