Monday, June 19, 2017

SONM - Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining


Permanent improvements, development, pushing the limits are significantly important for inherently transcendent human consciousness. IT and exponential growth of world's total computing power are the pinnacle of the human mind evolution. Technology bringing together all the computational resources of humanity, interacting under the management of the artificial intelligence can be our pathway to the next, higher level of comprehensive perception of the world around, we will be able to process mathematical calculations not previous thought possible. Comprehend unseen laws and language of the universe, and open a new wonderful era of the mankind.

Computing power is the fundamental factor of the technological progress nowadays. Internet, scientific calculations, space exploration, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, bioinformatics, nanotechnology are worth the effort and pay off the significant increase of the entire network performance, technological singularity. Today computing cloud concept is way to the new disruptive fog computing technology. The advantage of fog computing means there is no third party controlling of the data. Additionally, SONM is capable of fulfilling the needs of passengers and drivers alike without them having to rely on parties such as Uber or Lyft. A decentralized application using a decentralized network of computing power can achieve the same result, but at a cheaper price and without intermediaries.

Any computing device from Smartphone and tablet to supercomputers clusters can be made a part of distributed worldwide computer managing the internet of everything. The creation of the SONM — the first functional decentralized supercomputing platform for general-purpose path, representing block chain based network or distributed computation and global decentralized computing power market. SONM project is any computing device owner, the opportunity to get passive income providing their computational resources for rent and make the impact on the new technologies development at the same time, on the other hand, the clients needing computing power will be able to significantly reduce their costs and get the most efficiënt solution on the market.

For buyers, SONM divides the prospects of security in two parts: consumption and functioning. The first part describes a series of methods applied to ensure honest buyers run their tasks for a given time; while the second part discusses how SONM applies certain tricks to ensure problem-free task execution.

SONM Architecture's

Navigating through the website we found several aspects which makes SONM ambitious, to say the least.

Ethereum smart contracts

A consensus system ensuring transparency and security for the system’s participants

Fog computing

А decentralized and more efficient computing model compared to cloud


An open source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology, and a decentralized computing platform

Docker Container

Аn isolated environment ensuring computing
parallelism and appropriate apps running on any device


A peer-to-peer system for fast and safe data transfer


A peer-to-peer technology for node communication

Furthermore, SONM is the platform which is able to provide decentralized services in a heterogeneous computing environment, expected to me the cornerstone of the computing and internet future, which will be dramatically boosted by machine learning and general-purposed artificial intelligence. Using the artificial intelligence in SONM project focuses on three main issues: the problem with trust, Traveling Salesman problem and Knapsack problem. While the trust problem in context of trust issues between hubs, is solved by analyzing their rating systems, the Knapsack problem and the Traveling Salesman problem are solved by dividing resources between different projects, and by resource distribution and backs to GRID-network standards.

The SONM can be used for modeling, drugs development, aerodynamic calculations, climate changes prediction, social statistics and aerodynamic calculations. Technologies our functional prototype is successfully processing scientific and grade calculations in drug discovery and home SONM project which uses SONM power to model new biomedical drugs against diseases.

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