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BitBoost - Introducing The Block


Bitboost - A new ECommerce experience

The Block is a decentralized e-commerce platform, designed for better privacy and with very low commissions. It is based on Ethereum smart contracts, which use the ETH currency for all payments, except for the raise of products for sale.

Now, we must understand what a crypto currency, in simple words, is a digital way of exchange, which operates through cryptography, in order to secure transactions and control the creation of additional currency units.

This system allows to: Reduction of the cost of the transaction since there is no intermediation; reduce the times; eliminate the need of financial agents to conduct transactions.

This currency has also generated controversy, since one of the possible uses of crypto currency is the purchase of drugs and other illegal items in black markets on the Internet. This has already provoked its prohibition in some countries, as for example Bolivia which is the first country with this restriction since 2014.

The Block Whitepaper explains why Ethereum is used. Ethereum which is a decentralized platform that allows the creation of smart contracts between peers. Being a downloadable application that connects with Blocker of Ethereum, The Block does not depend ons centralized websites or any other service. This means that there is no agency regulating digital exchange, restricting payments or collecting user information. Almost all payments are made in ETH, which is similar to bitcoin in its volume of exchange and liquidity. Read the complte whitepaper here


All items will be purchased by consumers with ETH, and arbitration fees will also be agreed at ETH. The only exception is the commission for the upload of products to the platform. To create a viable revenue model for investors this commission will be paid with BitBoost token (BBT), which will be sold in a massive funding campaign. A fee of $ 1 in BBT will be charged for each item uploaded to the platform.

The internal wallet of The Block will be created from a password generated by the user. Private keys will be stored and encrypted on the user's computer or phone (none will go to the BitBoost team or any third party). To fund-fill the wallet, users can send funds from an external wallet (or an exchange), and they can also use ShapeShift's to convert other cryptones without leaving the application. This requires a little knowledge on the subject.

How can I register?

The Block does not request any personal information from its users to access its services. For registration or use no e-mail address is requested. Sellers and buyers create their own aliases when they start using the platform. These can be anything, such as a name, an Ethereum address, or even a random string of characters. Sellers will need to upload images of their products and these can be hosted for free on private web services like This functionality is integrated into The Block.

Security and communication

For security issues, all external services will use HTTPS connection, such as integration with ShapeShift, which will allow all users to pay with any currency. This avoids the possibility of a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack, where a hacker is placed between the source and destination of the information sent, intercepting it before relaying it to the recipient.

All communications are encrypted using a session key that is generated when an item is purchased. This means that a new key is generated for each interaction, while the old one is discarded. Keys are not reused. This is considered to be safer than using a single key, since in the unlikely circumstance that a key falls on the wrong hands this would be useless for access in future interactions.

The experience

The brief but remarkable history of the crypto currency has shown that it is not enough to have a decentralized platform that offers fundamental advantages over its centralized equivalents.

Users will not start using a new service until the change is made easy and this can only be seen over time.

Introduction The Block

The Team:

The Bitboost team is made up of experienced developers, using the latest technologies. Two members of the team are the developers (Paul Mahone and Andrew Lekar) of a previous decentralized marketplace, NXT FreeMarket, and this experience has helped to make Bitboost a cutting-edge, feature-rich app.

Andrew has been a blockchain developer for a long time, involved with NXT since the beginning. He is a specialist in Javascript, databases, encryption, and security, and has built all the smart contracts that drive The Block.
Paul is an Italian/US programmer living in Switzerland.
In addition to Italian, Paul speaks English and Japanese, and has lived and worked in North America and Asia. He has been involved in various electronic marketplaces since 1992.
During the 1990s, Paul served as CEO of Molecular Robotics, the first nanotechnology company to be listed on the NASDAQ.
Gianluigi is a software engineer living and working in the rich Fintech ecosystem of Berlin. Focused on the Java8 stack, he’s an algorithmic trader and smart contract developer, and he possesses a profound knowledge of the blockchain and Tangle.
Maksim is an experienced javascript/typescript developer focused on MEAN stack. Wizard with Angular, React, Node.js and many other modern javascript-related technologies.
Riccardo is a mobile developer based in London. A self-taught programmer and keen technologist, he strongly believes the future will rely on distributed ledger technology and its various applications.
When he is not developing new ideas and opportunities, he works on the internal iOS apps for the BBC.
Samuele is a blockchain crypto enthusiast, visionary, and entrepreneur. He spent the last three years investigating the potential and applications of new technologies related to crypto-currencies.
His role like the community manager will be to organise customer relations, community and media marketing.
Alvaro it´s a seasoned digital marketing manager, project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast.
His role will be helping Bitboost team achieve their business objectives, becoming the most popular blockchain-based marketplace.
Alessandro is Technology Transfer Director for Boston Entrepreneurship Center , project manager, entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast.
Alessandro will help Bitboost team as start-up advisor, community and bounty manager. becoming the most popular blockchain-base marketplace ever!

So how does it work?

Learn more:


Decentralized Search on the blockchain


The Search Landscape is evolving new innovation & technology will set a new standard, because organizations paying excessive bills for selling to compelling organizations like Google, Fb, Amazon to reach customers. The original finger affect is scrambled with keys which might be non-public and anonymized. CAT would then have the ability to be applied to shop for inventory at any basis that recognize the cryptographic cash. That's how BitClave is trying to chagne the Search Landscape.

The startup mentioned that it's as of now in dialogs to develop its BASE atmosphere by way of drawing in with large on-line shops. It mentioned it intends to hit 1,000,000 interests for each month within the coming months.

At the moment the web publicizing is ineneficient. On this kind messages might be despatched to gigantic amassing of folks without reference to who intrigued by way of merchandise to shop for, If message spans to possible buyer then they'll undertaking to buy the good usually remaiming all are misuse of use.

BitClave has collaborated with Tim's Draper College the place Bessonov is a trainer. But, they do not have any assurance that the promotions might be modified over into deal and even they do not have a clue concerning the commercial job is veritable or no longer. This lose - lose circumstance for each.

In disconnected selling likewise each publicizing group making an attempt to reach for probably the most section to the customers who don't seem to be intrigued or no longer need to make the most of the object by using "hit and miss". at the blockchain during the BASE utility by way of buying groceries internet founded, perusing the Web, and so forth.

So how does it work?

Through the use of the applying, a shopper can get advantages off of each and every question merchandise wherein his or her statistic knowledge meets the easiest shopper profile that the web promoters can pay for.

Knowledge put away at the blockchain make a one in every of a type "distinctive mark" or ID for each particular person. The group has promised to put across loose CAT tokens to the understudies who pass to this system q4, after Draper College reported every other ICO/blockchain module as a function of its program. Silicon Valley-based startup BitClave is pursuing the USA$550 billion promotions markets with every other blockchain-empowered web searcher that promises end-clients extra regulate over their knowledge.

BitClave's organizer Alex Bessonov, the former boss safety officer of LG Electronics, propelled the wander in 2016 with the challenge of adjusting the relationship among organizations and customers using shrewd contracts to make consider and simplicity. Bessonov printed to CoinJournal that "BitClave is construction a decentralized inquiry organic neighborhood and way to disturb a US$550 billion business commanded by way of Google and Fb."

Using his skill in safety consolidated with past due advances in blockchain glance into, Bessonov made an merchandise referred to as the BitClave Energetic Seek Ecosystem (BASE), an open supply optional internet index to Google that permits information shopper to-business communications.

The framework dispenses with heart folks, and associations are inspired by way of the gadget itself. It mentioned it's going to prepare a workshop to elucidate how the tokens serve as and to allow understudies to make their wallets.

BitClave is a work of every other flood of recent companies that imply to disturb the complex publicizing marketplace by using blockchain innovation. In most cases the part adtraffic is making by way of bots and coming about organizations are paying vigorously to dealer for no consequence and this activates increment in value of things and customers likewise paying upper incentive for lesser esteem merchandise. Reasonably than paying mediators, organizations because of this make custom designed gives straightforwardly to shoppers who've decided on in for the management.

Searching evolved

BitClave BASE offers customers a possibility to document their very own hunt motion, particular person knowledge, and so forth. Within the match that an Web shopper chooses to select into using BitClave's BASE, she or he can provide outsider get entry to to their knowledge as a byproduct of tokens referred to as CAT (Client Job Tokens), an Ethereum-based virtual foreign money. Prior this 12 months, internet program Courageous, completed an underlying coin providing (ICO) for its Ethereum-based Elementary Consideration Token (BAT) that introduced US$35 million up in lower than 30 seconds.

Triumph over is construction a automated commercial get advantages round its BAT token that eliminates outsiders with the objective that customers pay BAT to distributers in gentle of to what extent their peruse and browse a web page.


Website: Website
Whitepaper: Whitepaper

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Particl - Shop your local world


The term Particl refers to a platform that is freely open and set for performing private business around the globe. This platform provides ease and efficiency in marketing and does not leak the transactions and communications to the other buyers or sellers. This anonymity attracts more and more to buy or even sell anything online without disclosure.

Introducing Particl

Particl holds clients' confidence all over the world through self-governing all forms of transaction and conversations instead of channeling them to the central server. It ranks it the most suitable and best opinion for any business individuals to do their dealings online. When compared to the local markets, it is more competent with no third parties which pretend to be intermediaries.

Built on Bitcoin core codebase

Research shows that Particl is the latest Built-On-Bitcoin offering confidentiality while ensuring currency transfer only visible to participants involved in the transaction. This gives an enough guarantee with none of the pen being overspent thus providing fixation in budgeting. However, conversation groups and tools similar to WhatsApp do provide privacy by ensuring dead end chats and messages done on a client side and signals later stored in Data Storage Network with privacy.

Earn with staking

Moreover, Particl provides an ample opportunity to the stakeholders to earn income without direct participation in any business on the Market. This occurs by running the Particl while working for the network at the same time The reward is regarding PART tokens. Increase in popularity at the platform and Market results in a great significance in the awards increment. Working for the network also increases the rewards. The inflations of these PART tokens range at 5% annually and may drops by 1% in each year for four consecutive years until they level at 2%.

The question of self-governance in Particl creates decentralization of privacy on the free markets which cannot be limited by the self-built-in system. The goal of Particl thus becomes a platform of decreasing the barriers of entry while reducing the available friction in online shopping by allowing efficiency in adoption by vendors and buyers.

Meet the Team



DIM = Equity and Stability on the Blockchain


DIMCOIN provides access to the DIM ecosystem. The DIMCOIN can be exchanged into all fiat currencies and all accepted crypto-currencies within the ecosystem. Various services offered by the DIM-Ecosystem include cryptonisation(securitization) of equity, stock exchange trading, crypto-currency exchanges, equity trading & management, e-commerce, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, inter-business transactions, commodity trading & management, and inter-business transactions.

DIM ecosystem

The DIM ecosystem has a mission to make the crypto-currencies' use legally available for both institutions and individuals. Hence this paves a way for both institutions and individuals to enter the crypto data market. The use of fiat currencies works by exchanging them against DIM currencies. The DIM currencies' value is connected to the denominated fiat currencies' value. Assets are denominated and valued in DIM currencies in this ecosystem. The foundation of DIMCOIN is blockchain technology. This is a ledger system which is decentralized, simple to design, cheap to operate, and with enhanced security. The ledger system lets transactions to be done with 100 percent accuracy. This is because it is a fusion of cryptography, database systems, and computer peer to peer technology. The fusion of these three technologies creates a ledger system that is irreversible and immutable. This means that transactions cannot be interfered with when signed and transferred. Transactions are final and there is no more than single spending.


Cryptography is useful in encrypting messages on the ledger. However, it is much used for proofing transactions and to sign off these transactions by users. Due to cryptography, blockchain needs no supplementary security solutions to guard the transactions' authenticity. Blockchain's p2p and decentralized nature means that the ledger does not need data recovery center and a data center to house the core systems. Consequently, the ledger will always be operational.

DIM Introduction video

DIM crypto-currency

The DIM crypto-currency is constructed upon the NEM network. The consensus mechanism is known as the Proof-of-Importance (P01) underpins the NEM network. The PO1 integrates behavior that is believed to be positive for the whole economy. The Proof-of-Stake is different from PO1 in that it gets its importance from the account balance of the users. PO1 is also advantageous over Proof-of-Work in that maintaining the blockchain does not need large scale computing resources. The NEM network puts emphasis on trust-less computing and security. The NEM platform is operated by a network of nodes running together in a p2p configuration. The nodes are responsible for verifying and recording the transactions transmitted on the network. With the above said, the future of currency is crypto-currency and the future of crypto-currency and stock exchange is DIMCOIN.

Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Team

A litte history about NEM

NEM was started by a Bitcoin Talk forum user called UtopianFuture who was inspired by Nxt.[6] The initial plan for NEM was to create a fork of NXT, but this was eventually dismissed in favor of a completely new codebase.[7] Starting on January 19, 2014, an open call for participation began on the Bitcointalk forum. The goal of the call was to create a community-oriented cryptocurrency from the ground up. The NEM project was not a legal entity at the time, though there have been recent efforts to change this.[9] Stakes of NEM were to be distributed to those who contributed to the project in amounts of 2.25 Million XEM. As the project evolved, people were able to redeem the stakes they had paid for. As NEM was not a legal entity, there was an uncertainty if the people running the redemption would leave. As a result, an 8-month deadline was created. All unclaimed funds were decided to be put aside for the development of NEM.

Introducing NEM

The Alpha version was released on June 25, 2014. Subsequently, the Beta production version was launched on 20 October 2014. NEM launched its first stable release version on March 31, 2015. The next large update to the NEM ecosystem will be called Catapult. It was originally estimated to be released in Q1 2017 but has since moved to Q2 2017 for the release of its alpha version.

Currently NEM investors are awaiting the launch of Catapult, a feature which will give NEM a complete new dimension and even better, will make NEM be able to compete with the TOP Crypto currencies on the market.

What will happen after the ICO?

More to know:


Please be aware. Bowhead ICO is a scam.


The project is about literary nothing. Nor has it anything to do with blockchain.
The Team behind Bowhead are some greedy people who think they can raise millions because of the ICO Hype.

If you are smart you save your ETH/BTC or Waves because it will not bring you anything.
Please check the whitepaper for more information about this SCAM, Or check their One Page website...

Here is a screenshot of those greedy people

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TribeToken - Charity on Ethereums Blockchain


Tribe token is a decentralized crypto currency whose primary aim is to assist in enhancing charity using cryptocurrency. Essentially its focus on charity makes it the first of its kind. The system is to be based on Ethereum's cryptocurrency platform.


For a period of three weeks beginning on 24 July 2017, there will be a Tribe Token crowdsale. The crowdsale is aimed at collecting at least 2,500 ETH. The funds collected will be used in creating and enhancing various aspects of the platform.
ICO Starting date: July 24th, 12:00 UTC
ICO Ending date: August 14th, 12:00 UTC
Total TribeToken Supply: 200 000 000 TRIBE
15 000 000 - Team
25 000 000 - Tribe Economy
10 000 000 - Bounties and partnerships
150 000 000 - ICO remaining will be burned
Minimum goal 2500 ETH
Maximum goal 50 000 ETH
Token exchange rate: 3000 TRIBE = 1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 300 TRIBE = 0.1 ETH
20% Bonus Tokens the first 7 days after the ICO has started.

Tribe Token Charity Platform

The platform gives its users the ability to either create their own charity or donate to initiatives on the platform. For a fee registered organizations get the opportunity to start an initiative which is assigned a verification tag. Feedback module allows for the reporting of abuse of charity initiative. The platforms also of allows donors to question the initiatives before making donations. Creators get the opportunity to inform their donors and intended targets of progress through the platform's interface. Technical features of the TRIBE platform.

The platform promises to offer safety and security. How? The platform is to be tailored on Ethereum and will work on Ethereum's blockchaining. This will ensure that the platforms cryptocurrency integrity and value is benchmarked on Ethereum. The system offers a decentralized system. This has the potential of creating a fast exchange of its tokens on the exchange markets. It also offers the chance to strengthen the security of the TribeTokens. The ideas of using Ethereum's smart contracts also ensures that the charity provisions are secure that the natural charity platforms. At the same time it also reduces the need for manual interventions by the project's developers This, therefore, enhances integrity resulting from an autonomous platform.

Finally and most importantly the platform will create an easy access to the cryptocurrency exchange for charity crowd funders. Furthermore, the platform already has plans to integrate an all-device interface to the platform. This will help charity project managers be able to track their funds much more easily Expected impact of the platform on the society.

Considering that the platform is primarily meant for charity it is important that we consider its impact on the society.

1. Impact on individuals.

Money raised in charity will ensure that people's living standards are enhanced. The developers of the platform are not only developing the system but will also be touting its use to various groups in developing nations. This will, therefore, increase its penetration as well as grant a demand for the TribeTokens.

2. Impact on social amenities and infrastructure.

The money collected through the charity funding initiatives will definitely go towards improving the social infrastructure for societies in developing states. In these countries, there is a tendency to have minimal access to basic social amenities such as access to clean water and adequate health services. Therefore, you can expect that the money thus raised will go a long way in uplifting the living standards of many people.

3. Economic impact

Once people's lives have improved it can be expected that they will be able to concentrate on income generating activities with clear minds. Moreover, some of the money will be channeled towards boosting economic activities such as farming in the project implementation locations.

Tokens team vision

The team envisions creating a platform that will be able to assist people who wish to carry out charity initiatives, to have a fully dedicated service for the same. Thus, they state, that anyone and everyone visiting the platform will be able to understand that all the initiatives on the platform are for a good cause. Their main focus upon commencement will be to gain traction in developing countries, where there still remain many issues that need solutions most of which can be solved by channeling of sufficient funds to various programs Crowdfunding towards charity is not a new concept even within the field of cryptocurrency. For instance, Lighthouse was a crowdfunding platform aimed at raising charity funds and was denominated in bitcoin units. The problem with such a platform was the reliance on the physical aspect of crowdfunding, in the form of a normal crowdfunding site and a patch up with the use of cryptocurrency. TribeToken, on the other hand, is fully a cryptocurrency based platform aimed at tackling the challenge of the rather physical-form of crowd funding sites.

Platforms' Roadmap

The platform will be released in three batches, with the first release Tribe One, creating the charity platform and enabling the creation of charity projects and use of TribeTokens. Tribe Two will be aimed at creating an all-device interface with focus on mobile phones to enable on-the-move transactions. The last release Tribe Three will aim to create TribeToken denominated local economy in developing countries. This will ensure that money raised on the platform is channeled directly in the projects without need for conversions. Why should you invest in this scheme? 1. This scheme is meant for a noble cause and hence your contribution will go a long way in actualizing the need to improve someone's life. 2. TeamTokens will be traded on exchange platforms. If the sufficiency of the platform holds thenthere is an expectation of the demand increasing. This will lead to an improvement in the value of the tokens.

TribeTokens are not made for those who want to trade and earn a lot of money but for investors that are self-assured moralistic types. If you are one of the latter type, why not take part in the Tribe Toke crowdsale?


ICO page

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Dentacoin: Crowd Power to Shape the Future of Dental Care


As we advance in technology and come up with all possible means of beating and bypassing Moore's law, new improvements keep being poked into our lives with an aim of making it easy and comfortable to live. On the digital forefront, e-commerce establishments have been grappling with payments for so many years their checkouts have started getting a uniform feel and look. However, customers are not just looking to check out an item and wait for the charge to appear on their credit cards. Instead, they want to pay from any location and have the goods delivered right at their doorstep.

DentaCoin is one such currency which many people have been in a rush to join thanks to its many modern features as well as inbuilt security enhancements which make sure that all transactions do not leave traces behind and they all take place securely. With the blockchain, each and every member gets to contribute their computer effort and the reward is then shared equally among all the members. This is quite a great system and it gives miners the freedom to go for the currency of their choice. DentaCoin can be used to make payments in the health sector in addition to making purchases that are of a confidential nature.

Explainer Video

As you go ahead making this decision to adopt Dentacoin as your favorite digital currency, please note that cash will become even bulkier as placed alongside these digital coins which are not only hard to mine but next to impossible to trace or steal.This currency can enable you to pay for medical bills, buy new supplies for your home and have a steady source of money which does not waiver or deteriorate as time goes by It is both secure and a transparent ecosystem around which it has been based prevents others from snooping into your transactions thus assuring the users of safety.


Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev

Founder of Dentacoin Foundation
The Founder. Highly respected University lecturer. More than 27 years experience in financial markets. Devoted to science and engineering. Member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence society, EADM and Union of Automation and Informatics.

Jeremias Grenzebach

Co-Founder / Core Developer
Our Code Wizard. Early entrant into the Blockchain scene. Immersed within the peer-to-peer technology for 8 years. Contributor to Ethereum, Waves, ZCash, uPort, Status, imToken, Byteball. Strong believer in decentralization and transparency.

Philipp Grenzebach

Co-Founder / Business Developer / M&A
The Economic Brain behind Dentacoin. Studies in Law, Economics and Business Management. Adopted the tripple bottom line to Dentacoin while integrating technical sustainability. Fighter for free, decentralised markets.

Veselin Matov

CRM & Supply Chain Manager
Our CRM Pro. Focused on identifying technological trends and implementing them as competitive advantages. Experienced in CRM, Dental Software Implementation, Purchasing Management. Background education in Computer Systems and Technology. Constantly exploring state-of-the-art innovations for the benefit of patients.

Hristo Gradechliev

The Finance Master. Responsible for managing the finance and accounting divisions. MBA in Law. Experienced in payment ecosystems, building analytic tools, processes and teams to manage the revenue, costs and risks inherent in the payment space. With a strong flair for successful investments.

Julia Radeva

Business Development Manager
Our Business Pioneer. 11-year experience in Business Development Management. The driving force behind several successful dental clinic concepts. Overseeing the applications of dental innovations and constantly exploring the opportunities for growth in Dental Industry.

Tsvetomir Ivanov

Industry 4.0 Engineer The Future Thinker. Digital Dentistry, CAD/CAM and 3D-printing expert. Highly focused on finding ways to achieve significant efficiency, cost reduction and revenue gains through digitalization and automation. Permanently researching, evaluating and implementing high-tech dental innovations.

Sergey Ushakov

Digital Transformation Specialist
Our Transformation Accelerator. Computer science and Blockchain enthusiast. Degree in Robotics & Mechatronics; currently specializing in Software Engineering. Experienced in Digital Transformations and Business Process Automation. Highly interested in AI, IoT, VR and AR.

Dr. Dimo Daskalov

Dental Industry Development Catalyst
The Strongest Link between DCN and the Dental Industry. Leading dentist, currently managing a team of 19 dentists. Educator in Prosthetic Dentistry. Constantly improving dental services by implementing future technologies, delivering “WOW” patient experience and simultaneously reducing the costs. Eager to be a part of the paradigm shift.

Dr. Ivan Peev

Dentistry 4.0 Specialist
Our Guide to the Digital Implantology world. Dental Implant Specialist with a significant experience in providinghigh-tech dental care by surgical guides and computer-navigated implantation systems. Phantom instructor, certified by the International Training Center for Dental Implantology (IFZI). With a Sixth sense for cutting-edge technical solutions.

Betina Bogdanova

Senior Legal Advisor
The Voice of law. Supports the legal project management pillar of Dentacoin. Experienced in advising fintech and dental companies. Solid legal background including the Australian National University, Rijks Univesitet and Harvard Law. Previous collaborations with the WHO and Harvard School of Public Health.

Donika Kraeva

Strategic Communications Manager
The Communications Ambassador. Translates big and complex ideas to the target group's language. Experienced in Online Medical Marketing. Developed Feedback Systems and Patient Loyalty Programs for international dental clinics. Seeking ways to utilize Blockchain advantages in building a patient-driven Dental Industry.

Mariam Nishanian

Community & Public Relations
Our Public Voice. International background in PR, social media management, communications consulting and UX design. Interested in Cryptocurrency Investing. Skilled entrepreneur with experience in start-up development. In constant pursuit of new challenges.

Ayredin Stoyanov

Graphic Designer
Our Visual Power. Education in Multimedia Design and Software Systems and Technologies. Experienced in using visuals to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate. Passionate about video creation and photography.

Boris Nekezov

Front-End Developer
The HTML Ninja. Combines the art of design with the art of programming, thus ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs. Certified and vastly experienced in Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, as well as in Quality Assurance Testing. Involved in front-end development for Blockchain start-ups.

To visit the tokensale page click the link below:

Other links:

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TrueFlip The World's Largest Blockchain Lottery


TrueFlip is an internationally anonymous lottery operating in Bitcoin currently preparing for its Initial Coin Offering. This Bitcoin lottery offers instant payouts with open source codes and transparent prize fund. The mission of the platform is to become the largest blockchain offering the largest jackpot in the world. The platform held an ICO to crowd fund the capital needed for the Jackpot formation and marketing.

The lottery happens every day and the winning ticket is picked based on the hash of the first block on the Bitcoin blockchain after 2000 UTC. Ticket sale end at 19:30 UTC each day and to verify that no ticket purchases are made after the end time, all ticket sales are logged in the Lottery Ethereum contact.

There are two jackpots in the TrueFlip lottery. They were initially created at the expense of the funds raised from the ICO which was distributed as 40% of the total funds to the jackpot, 80% to the jackpot's No 1 —which is played daily and is increased by selling lottery-, and the remaining 20% to the Jackpot's No 2 —is the reserve set aside for Jackpot No.1 and is not refilled by sales from lottery tickets.

TrueFlip supports various payment methods so no one is left out Their payment processors have been designed to accommodate payment from people who are yet to participate in Bitcoin in hopes of increasing the number of participants. Aside from Bitcoin, other methods include Ether, Litecoins, Waves and other cryptocurrencies. All financial movements are executed by Bitcoin regardless of the payment method used The platform allows its owners to be partners in the world's largest blockchain lottery through tokens purchased.

The winners get to benefit from Bitcoin network features. Once the users receive their wins through their wallets, they can transfer the amount to Bitcoins and convert to any currency of their choosing, or they can send the winning to Bitcoin directly to the exchange services and then convert to any currency, or use their TrueFlip account for any Bitcoin expenses.

Follow TrueFlip


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Gilgam - Make A Profit With Every Game You Play!


A form of money designed to take advantage of the internet perfectly define cryptocurrency They do not rely on the guarantee of any financial institution to permit transactions and in the process they achieve internet dominance. Each cryptocurrency owns a network domain,this helps in doing the transactions. A computer is connected to the network of the particular cryptocurrency for it to process a transaction. ln return, the computer gets a reward and the process is called "mining". Mining is rensponsible for new cryptocurrencies produced.Bitcoin is the most preeminent and the first to be used widely.For any cryptocurrency to be a success, innovation is key.

But now there is Esport Platform which claims to eliminate the risk of financial cheating by decentralizing transactions on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain.

The platform developers claim to ensure that the financial transactions will happen on Ethereum block, thereby assuring players of safety and security of the transaction. Also, the developers are committing to eliminate in-game cheating by using artificial intelligence in their KYC software monitoring. The Individual gamer can use their skills at their favorite games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offence, and League of Legends and earn Cryptocurrency on winning.

Teams and various companies are emerging to ensure they get a share of this upcoming business. ln the process, key innovation are either successful or in the wake of being successful.These innovations are the unique selling points. Storj is working on decentralizing the concept of cloud storage.

Previously, cloud storage relied on large storage providers, who act as third parties,to transfer and store data.The company is aiming to achieve this concept by providing a cheap bandwidth and storage solution for everyone in the world.

When everyone becomes part of the cloud, then there is no need of a centralized server. Another company, Sterm, has created a stermit platform.This particular platform allows anyone to create and share any type of content they like.When the user increases the cumulative tally of popularity-upvote,then the creator earns money in form of cryptocurency. Initially,content was created for advertisements only, but with the sterm platform, the creator creates content according to what will fancy other people. lnitial Coin Offering is an unregulated way by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. lt is used by beginners to bypass the regulated raising of capital that is regulated by capitalist and banks. A starting cryptocurrency firm should come up with a plan written on a whitepaper for it to raise money through an Initial Money Offering.

This plan states various factors like:

»How long will the ICO campaign run
»The amount of virtual tokens the project owner will allocate themselves
»What is the cost of the venture
»Stating the needs of the particular project after completion.

During the Initial Money Offering, those interested in the firm's initiatives will buy some of the distributed cryptocoins with virtual money. The cryptocoins used in the campaign are called tokens and they share similarities with the shares a company sells to the investors. However, the campris deemed unsuccessful if the money raised in the campaign does not meet the minimum funds required. lf the campaign is successful, the funds are used to complete or start the projects stated at the beginning of the campaign.

Join the ICO:


Author TN211

BitJob's Students Marketplace


Bitjob is a new decentralized peer 2 peer (P2P) cryptocurrency platform to help student earn and gain skills and experience while still in school. Powered by Ethereum, the platform allows the students to receive payment from their short-term employers and at the same time gives them an opportunity to develop their work profile based on their ability and skills. The platform eliminates the need for server administrator and have powerful transparency features that allows strong identity, voting, verification, authentication and reputation.

Bitjob Features and Benefits

1. It is a hybrid of two architectural models
- Bitjob uses both centralized client-server model being used by popular online applications hence it can be integrated to different online payment platforms and the decentralized client-server model that uses blockchains to enhance security. This makes it a safe and an ideal platform for average internet users and usable on mobile devices. Bitjob gives the student an opportunity to receive payment through traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency.

2. User friendly and security
- The student will download the Bitjob app and will be required to confirm critical details and provide a valid student registration number. The application will generate a distinctive deposit address to which funds from Bitjob token will be transferred. The student can be hired directly or bid for jobs on the platform. The platform manages the bidding and the payment process.

3. Reputation and Quality
- Bitjob users will be allowed to rate each other and the reputation appended to the user account. This will enable employers hire service providers based on their performance on previous Bitjob projects. The reputation also will determine the remuneration for service provide. The higher the rating the better the pay.

4. Resume Building
- Experience gained and reputation built on the platform will be recorded on a Dynamic Portfolio Resume which will be attached to the associated domain name for use by future employers.

5. Dispute management
- The platform holds a sufficient employer's money is held in escrow for guaranteed payment for the service provider unless there are other issues raised by the employer. In case of other issue, the platform will provide the best resolution methods.

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Rivetz Technology Overview Review


A new breed of companies coming, companies who are new and on cryptocurrency focused. They are nowadays busy with with inquiries, preparations, and confirmations on their userers wellbeing. Once we impart and talk about safety we recommend an device's trustworthiness however the cryptographic cash degree is hard. Whilst a ton of phases are ready to make sure the monetary specialist and imaginable shoppers of the safety of their phases, the reassurance of the contraptions is left to the owner of economic paperwork. That's the position the Rivetz App will be available in. Rivetz degree on building an app is there and they can be trusted to build an safe app from a cybersecurity point of view.

How does it work in practice?

The degree influences usage of a three to step system with a view to make sure that secured virtual cash operations The very important degree is the enrollment of a reference prosperity. In this degree, the degree interface put in on one's telephone speaks with greater than a few problems to make a choice the value-based prosperity works each and every all over the device and on the supporting doorways. This data is spared to provide lengthy haul reference problems if there will have to be an prevalence of a topic.

The second degree is going to the client deciding on a bearer. The bearer is then doled out a selected alternate ID went with by the use of a relentless prosperity examine hash. The virtual safety controller all over the degree recovers the mutual hash for the bearer and contrasts it and the continuing prosperity examine hash. In the event that they are compatible then the advance is authorized to continue to the accompanying degree with a log being made to be sent to global verification and identification techniques. Should the consumer want to scrutinize the situation of an alternate degree 3 is began. The logs from global authentication and identification techniques are recovered the usage of a Transaction ID that was made when the alternate was carried out.

What's unique with Rivetz?

1. The degree belongings holders ensure to creative creations with suppliers of , device, and pieces and administrations pointed towards reinforcing cybersecurity.
2. It takes the problem of shoppers privacy a step higher 3. A number of validation systems that could be pointed towards boosting safety with out hindering on skill on alternate features.


With the concept featuers of the ICO slated for the 25th July 2017 being inadequate, we can expect a large amount of number one focuses to be out thru at that time. It assists in keeping on being watched irrespective of whether or not the industrial middle can typify this additional virtual safety perspective to crypto foreign exchange. One thing is self-evident, at the off likelihood that it's a great deal grasped or not, cybersecurity will stay a key matter each and every time the problem of cryptographic cash is raised.

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Orocrypt - Gold-backed tokens


Orocrypt is a famous Company with a high technology that deals with precious stones. The company was started by a team made up of highly experienced bankers. The bankers have a history of working with famous financial institutions. The company's assets are directly linked to the Cryptocurrencies. The company is devoted to enhancing its operation in the field of precious metals. In connection to this, the company has great plans to lay out mega projects in the near future.Major projects that the company is looking forward to.

• Digitization of the precious metal market. Although this seems like a risky move, the Company is devoted to advancing the gold market due to the technological demand. The major challenge with this prospective project is that there are worries if the governments will regulate the digitized asset in legal matters. Even though this is the case, the project is expected to yield an unmatched profit.

• The introduction of share tokens (OROC). Orocrypt Company has major plans to issue tokens in the near future. The tokens are expected to represent the ownership of around 30 grams of LBMA. This project is expected to roll out towards the end of the year 2017. The project is dubbed ORO.G. To enhance the project further, the company plans to register the tokens on the Etherium blocklain. As a result to this, it will be possible for the shareholders to store their shares in Etherium wallets. The company will lay out measures that will make it possible for the shareholders to trade their shares. This means that it will be possible to transfer the shares on an open market platform. If all goes as planned, the shareholders will have an advantage in that they will be able to convert their shares into physical gold through a redemption platform. The shareholders will have unmatched advantages having in mind that they can withdraw their shares in an event where the company may become bankrupt.

• Duration and regulation of Share Token sale. On a move to regulate the number and duration of the sales, the company will make sure that the minimum number of share tokens sold does not go below 133,500. The company will also make sure that the token sales do not go above 500,000 within a month. If the token sales happen to go below the threshold, then the assets will go back to the respective investors. Information about registration. With all the benefits expected to come with the upcoming ICO, the company plans to control operations. This means that an investor will only qualify to buy share tokens if he or she is registered. The registration details will include; Names, physical address, email address as well as telephone.


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What is Onplace?


The internet's development has mainly facilitated the growth of a technological infrastructure whose interactions provide the essential service. Numerous opportunities have erupted from this critical development and are continually evolving. In business, real-time information is now available making decision making a simple feat. Global interconnectivity now promotes international trading and e-commerce ventures that are changing the way we do business. These developments continually dictate the need for an international currency whose purchasing power is uncompromisable. The Bitcoin (BTC) is the world recognized forerunner of global currency.

A key feature that attracts attention to this cryptocurrency is the anonymity with which it is used The currency is not governed by any authority which implies that it is not taxed. Generation of new coins is an automated process which offers an artificial scarcity by producing fewer coins with every production. Full production shall stop after reaching a maximum of 21 million coins in circulation.

BTC Trading with Onplace

The BTC value has continually increased as the business world recognizes the importance of using its market for trade and value accumulation. Venturing into forex trading requires expertise in techniques and approaches to make the best decisions with your investments. Onplace offers up to date information about BTC trading points to help you in deciding on buying-selling options to implement. On June last year, Bitcoin dominated with an 81% market share, which has later depreciated to 41% by June this year The drop does not imply a loss in value, rather BTC has increased in value since last June. However, the cryptocurrency has promoted a new market of digital currencies and competitors are developing fast. For instance, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and Lite coin have quickly gained ground in the market.

Current Performance of BTC in the Market

The purpose of the BTC is to conduct Peer-to-Peer transactions which are efficient and more reliable than other payment systems. However, the value of these precious coins has shot up over the years, currently trading at over $2500/coin. Such remarkable performances have shifted the world's view on the BTC. Now, it is a plausible store of value. European. Asian and American traders have made significant investments in this market. Getting started with BTC trading is simple enough with the right information. Onplace ensures that you are a step ahead with technical information available to you every step of the way. Technical cryptocurrency information includes selling points and timeframe data BTC/USD projects high pivot points between 2607.9 and 2607.6 for the classic, Woodie's, Camarilla, Fibonacci and Demark's. These averages are significant in BTC trading as the cryptocurrency does not rely on timeframe factors to adjust in the market.

BTC trading is growing into a market worth billions of dollar without the prospect of deflating. Key traits of the BTC such as decentralization, Peer-to-Peer capabilities, and artificial scarcity make this the most traded currency in the digital market. Factors like inflation, high forex trading or regulations are not relevant and do cannot hamper your investment plans. With Onplace, you can be the trading in this cryptocurrency with lucrative prospects by the moment.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pillar: The Wallet for the 21st century


The Pillar Project is a fresh take on the digital wallet phenomenon that has been popularized due to blockchain. The upcoming wallet encourages atomic ownership - the storage of keys on a user's device rather than in third-party databases. This effectively solves the issue of cyber security - users no longer carry the risk of being compromised while under the guard of third parties. However, the wallet idea is not new Pillar Project is unique because it seeks to incorporate more into a wallet than cryptocurrency keys - rather, it is hub for everyday life.

Basic extensions are the more familiar aspects of Pillar: automated smart contract search, shopping integration, fiat exchanges (collaboration with banks), and identity services. These programs will require cooperation with software companies, crypto currency exchanges, and banks. This in itself will be difficult; the new project will have to prove its worth, on uncertain grounds, to survive. Pillar could crash and burn before it even begins to operate, if it is rejected by other parties. Still, early success will lead to everyday integration, including employment, apartment leases, medical data, etc. Anything has the potential to be on Pillar, which makes the project exciting. When comparing this project to other project one must agree that the founders of the Pillar project really try to make something new. Gaining traction and thus adoption means having a user friendly wallet is key, a lot of projects forget that innovation is important, but adoption is key. And here we finally have something that has it's focus on the right aspects. Now we just have to see if the team behind the Pillar project is able to execute this properly.

An issue still exists with keeping track of the one private key - it will have to be kept safe. If compromised, users could lose their entire digital lives. However, atomic ownership means that security is in the hands of the wallet owner, not a dubious third party. One can take as many precautions as desired. Pillar Project mentions hardware solutions for safety in its whitepaper, but it has yet to address the issue definitively. Another accolade for the Pillar system is the usage of a single, universal coin: the Pillar token. Some additions of data to the Pillar wallet would cost tokens.

However, most usage would not incur fees. Exchange fees, for example, would merely detract from crypto currency balances. Of course, the issue persists that services must accept the usage of Pillar tokens before users can benefit, another collaboration barrier. The project can only extend as far as companies will participate. Despite the challenges, Pillar's end result is hopeful. For everything to be in one place, not held apart by endless accounts, is liberating. Ease of access would no longer be an issue. The future appears streamlined, not just within crypto currencies. Pillar Project has great potential to be more than a wallet - a personal data locker. But this goal may only be reached through collaboration, something hard to get by in an era of distrust. The ultimate fate of Pillar Project is yet to be seen - its ICO is yet to come.


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The Bitquence Project


Days of the old going to the bank and inserting your visa or debit card to take out money has nearly ended as a new age of "Paypal meets Nasdaq" technology has emerged called bitcoin. You can even store your funds in something called "Cold Fusion" which is like a bank away from a bank but disconnected from the Internet entirely much like a visa gift card with cash on it but safer.

Bitquence as it is called scientifically has also unveiled a road map stating that in June 2017 as of this month there will be a token sale. Asset allocation happens in September 2017 that is used to distribute purchased bitcoin to the respective users. Digital Liquidity is the next phase which is transferring a currency or many currencies into bitcoin at a specified exchange rate and to be exchanged in reverse as well.

Once the company has unrolled these steps they plan to go with universal mobile payments in Jun 2018 followed by Global services in Jan 2019. In terms of where bitcoin actually stands, it makes up 98 billion of the market for global financial funds and according to a few other numbers on a stat chart from coins and bank notes come in at 5 trillion, gold at 7.8 trillion, liquid money at 26.8 trillion and lastly stocks at 70 trillion.

All of the above numbers are estimates though and to date. All money is to be clocked in at 80.9 trillion estimated as well The last point which may prove useful to bitcoin enthusiasts is how their "hyper smart wallet" is built on 4 key technology components some of this is review from an earlier statement above but they are as follows: Dynamic Asset Allocation, Consensus Risk Management, Digital Liquidity Network (ex. converting into standard currencies or standard currencies into bitcoin.) and finally cold storage. What this basically says is these are all of the features that your bitcoin smart wallet would be capable of doing. Just like a smart phone or TV has functions unique to them so does this. Think of it in the same way.





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What is OpenANX?


With the view of overcoming the numerous challenges being experienced by the CEM, the OpenANX platform has provided its users a means to measure risk. This will be achieved because OpenANX will take the qualities of its predecessor so as to enhance exchange efforts that have been decentralized efforts because it will link the exchange platforms that currently exist.

The OpenANX is a non-profit organization that has a strong passion for creating awareness about the platform. This organization was established by four co-founders. One of the co-founders includes David Tee. The second is Ken Lo. Dave Chapman is the third and the fourth is Hugh Madden. Some of the concerns of the partnership include ANX International, the Enuma technologies and the Crypto derivatives market among others.

OpenANX has several unique features. These include:

There are numerous people and users that have been attracted to the OpenANX platform on a large scale because of the presence of the addressing features that have looked into the inevitability of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the event of a dispute, the OpenANX will deliver a resolution to access collateral

OPenANX is enhanced by two forms of cryptocurrency exchanges such as the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The openANX platform has a liquidity aggregation system. This enables the aggregation of order books that are isolated from all asset gateways. These order books are available to the end user at their convenience.

Due to the numerous shortcomings that have been experienced in the centralized exchanges, there are numerous decentralized exchanges that have emerged. These can be categorized into two; those handling digitized token and those handling flat currencies.

In conclusion, the OpenANX platform gives users the ability to quantify assess risks and have the autonomy of choosing between asset gateways to on/off board flat and still have access to the order books. The OpenANX foundation is highly committed to creating more awareness about the platform.