Monday, July 10, 2017

BitJob's Students Marketplace


Bitjob is a new decentralized peer 2 peer (P2P) cryptocurrency platform to help student earn and gain skills and experience while still in school. Powered by Ethereum, the platform allows the students to receive payment from their short-term employers and at the same time gives them an opportunity to develop their work profile based on their ability and skills. The platform eliminates the need for server administrator and have powerful transparency features that allows strong identity, voting, verification, authentication and reputation.

Bitjob Features and Benefits

1. It is a hybrid of two architectural models
- Bitjob uses both centralized client-server model being used by popular online applications hence it can be integrated to different online payment platforms and the decentralized client-server model that uses blockchains to enhance security. This makes it a safe and an ideal platform for average internet users and usable on mobile devices. Bitjob gives the student an opportunity to receive payment through traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency.

2. User friendly and security
- The student will download the Bitjob app and will be required to confirm critical details and provide a valid student registration number. The application will generate a distinctive deposit address to which funds from Bitjob token will be transferred. The student can be hired directly or bid for jobs on the platform. The platform manages the bidding and the payment process.

3. Reputation and Quality
- Bitjob users will be allowed to rate each other and the reputation appended to the user account. This will enable employers hire service providers based on their performance on previous Bitjob projects. The reputation also will determine the remuneration for service provide. The higher the rating the better the pay.

4. Resume Building
- Experience gained and reputation built on the platform will be recorded on a Dynamic Portfolio Resume which will be attached to the associated domain name for use by future employers.

5. Dispute management
- The platform holds a sufficient employer's money is held in escrow for guaranteed payment for the service provider unless there are other issues raised by the employer. In case of other issue, the platform will provide the best resolution methods.

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