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DIM = Equity and Stability on the Blockchain



DIMCOIN provides access to the DIM ecosystem. The DIMCOIN can be exchanged into all fiat currencies and all accepted crypto-currencies within the ecosystem. Various services offered by the DIM-Ecosystem include cryptonisation(securitization) of equity, stock exchange trading, crypto-currency exchanges, equity trading & management, e-commerce, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, inter-business transactions, commodity trading & management, and inter-business transactions.

DIM ecosystem

The DIM ecosystem has a mission to make the crypto-currencies' use legally available for both institutions and individuals. Hence this paves a way for both institutions and individuals to enter the crypto data market. The use of fiat currencies works by exchanging them against DIM currencies. The DIM currencies' value is connected to the denominated fiat currencies' value. Assets are denominated and valued in DIM currencies in this ecosystem. The foundation of DIMCOIN is blockchain technology. This is a ledger system which is decentralized, simple to design, cheap to operate, and with enhanced security. The ledger system lets transactions to be done with 100 percent accuracy. This is because it is a fusion of cryptography, database systems, and computer peer to peer technology. The fusion of these three technologies creates a ledger system that is irreversible and immutable. This means that transactions cannot be interfered with when signed and transferred. Transactions are final and there is no more than single spending.


Cryptography is useful in encrypting messages on the ledger. However, it is much used for proofing transactions and to sign off these transactions by users. Due to cryptography, blockchain needs no supplementary security solutions to guard the transactions' authenticity. Blockchain's p2p and decentralized nature means that the ledger does not need data recovery center and a data center to house the core systems. Consequently, the ledger will always be operational.

DIM Introduction video

DIM crypto-currency

The DIM crypto-currency is constructed upon the NEM network. The consensus mechanism is known as the Proof-of-Importance (P01) underpins the NEM network. The PO1 integrates behavior that is believed to be positive for the whole economy. The Proof-of-Stake is different from PO1 in that it gets its importance from the account balance of the users. PO1 is also advantageous over Proof-of-Work in that maintaining the blockchain does not need large scale computing resources. The NEM network puts emphasis on trust-less computing and security. The NEM platform is operated by a network of nodes running together in a p2p configuration. The nodes are responsible for verifying and recording the transactions transmitted on the network. With the above said, the future of currency is crypto-currency and the future of crypto-currency and stock exchange is DIMCOIN.

Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Team

A litte history about NEM

NEM was started by a Bitcoin Talk forum user called UtopianFuture who was inspired by Nxt.[6] The initial plan for NEM was to create a fork of NXT, but this was eventually dismissed in favor of a completely new codebase.[7] Starting on January 19, 2014, an open call for participation began on the Bitcointalk forum. The goal of the call was to create a community-oriented cryptocurrency from the ground up. The NEM project was not a legal entity at the time, though there have been recent efforts to change this.[9] Stakes of NEM were to be distributed to those who contributed to the project in amounts of 2.25 Million XEM. As the project evolved, people were able to redeem the stakes they had paid for. As NEM was not a legal entity, there was an uncertainty if the people running the redemption would leave. As a result, an 8-month deadline was created. All unclaimed funds were decided to be put aside for the development of NEM.

Introducing NEM

The Alpha version was released on June 25, 2014. Subsequently, the Beta production version was launched on 20 October 2014. NEM launched its first stable release version on March 31, 2015. The next large update to the NEM ecosystem will be called Catapult. It was originally estimated to be released in Q1 2017 but has since moved to Q2 2017 for the release of its alpha version.

Currently NEM investors are awaiting the launch of Catapult, a feature which will give NEM a complete new dimension and even better, will make NEM be able to compete with the TOP Crypto currencies on the market.

What will happen after the ICO?

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