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A form of money designed to take advantage of the internet perfectly define cryptocurrency They do not rely on the guarantee of any financial institution to permit transactions and in the process they achieve internet dominance. Each cryptocurrency owns a network domain,this helps in doing the transactions. A computer is connected to the network of the particular cryptocurrency for it to process a transaction. ln return, the computer gets a reward and the process is called "mining". Mining is rensponsible for new cryptocurrencies produced.Bitcoin is the most preeminent and the first to be used widely.For any cryptocurrency to be a success, innovation is key.

But now there is Esport Platform which claims to eliminate the risk of financial cheating by decentralizing transactions on the basis of Ethereum Blockchain.

The platform developers claim to ensure that the financial transactions will happen on Ethereum block, thereby assuring players of safety and security of the transaction. Also, the developers are committing to eliminate in-game cheating by using artificial intelligence in their KYC software monitoring. The Individual gamer can use their skills at their favorite games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offence, and League of Legends and earn Cryptocurrency on winning.

Teams and various companies are emerging to ensure they get a share of this upcoming business. ln the process, key innovation are either successful or in the wake of being successful.These innovations are the unique selling points. Storj is working on decentralizing the concept of cloud storage.

Previously, cloud storage relied on large storage providers, who act as third parties,to transfer and store data.The company is aiming to achieve this concept by providing a cheap bandwidth and storage solution for everyone in the world.

When everyone becomes part of the cloud, then there is no need of a centralized server. Another company, Sterm, has created a stermit platform.This particular platform allows anyone to create and share any type of content they like.When the user increases the cumulative tally of popularity-upvote,then the creator earns money in form of cryptocurency. Initially,content was created for advertisements only, but with the sterm platform, the creator creates content according to what will fancy other people. lnitial Coin Offering is an unregulated way by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. lt is used by beginners to bypass the regulated raising of capital that is regulated by capitalist and banks. A starting cryptocurrency firm should come up with a plan written on a whitepaper for it to raise money through an Initial Money Offering.

This plan states various factors like:

»How long will the ICO campaign run
»The amount of virtual tokens the project owner will allocate themselves
»What is the cost of the venture
»Stating the needs of the particular project after completion.

During the Initial Money Offering, those interested in the firm's initiatives will buy some of the distributed cryptocoins with virtual money. The cryptocoins used in the campaign are called tokens and they share similarities with the shares a company sells to the investors. However, the campris deemed unsuccessful if the money raised in the campaign does not meet the minimum funds required. lf the campaign is successful, the funds are used to complete or start the projects stated at the beginning of the campaign.

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