Monday, July 10, 2017

Orocrypt - Gold-backed tokens


Orocrypt is a famous Company with a high technology that deals with precious stones. The company was started by a team made up of highly experienced bankers. The bankers have a history of working with famous financial institutions. The company's assets are directly linked to the Cryptocurrencies. The company is devoted to enhancing its operation in the field of precious metals. In connection to this, the company has great plans to lay out mega projects in the near future.Major projects that the company is looking forward to.

• Digitization of the precious metal market. Although this seems like a risky move, the Company is devoted to advancing the gold market due to the technological demand. The major challenge with this prospective project is that there are worries if the governments will regulate the digitized asset in legal matters. Even though this is the case, the project is expected to yield an unmatched profit.

• The introduction of share tokens (OROC). Orocrypt Company has major plans to issue tokens in the near future. The tokens are expected to represent the ownership of around 30 grams of LBMA. This project is expected to roll out towards the end of the year 2017. The project is dubbed ORO.G. To enhance the project further, the company plans to register the tokens on the Etherium blocklain. As a result to this, it will be possible for the shareholders to store their shares in Etherium wallets. The company will lay out measures that will make it possible for the shareholders to trade their shares. This means that it will be possible to transfer the shares on an open market platform. If all goes as planned, the shareholders will have an advantage in that they will be able to convert their shares into physical gold through a redemption platform. The shareholders will have unmatched advantages having in mind that they can withdraw their shares in an event where the company may become bankrupt.

• Duration and regulation of Share Token sale. On a move to regulate the number and duration of the sales, the company will make sure that the minimum number of share tokens sold does not go below 133,500. The company will also make sure that the token sales do not go above 500,000 within a month. If the token sales happen to go below the threshold, then the assets will go back to the respective investors. Information about registration. With all the benefits expected to come with the upcoming ICO, the company plans to control operations. This means that an investor will only qualify to buy share tokens if he or she is registered. The registration details will include; Names, physical address, email address as well as telephone.


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