Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Particl - Shop your local world


The term Particl refers to a platform that is freely open and set for performing private business around the globe. This platform provides ease and efficiency in marketing and does not leak the transactions and communications to the other buyers or sellers. This anonymity attracts more and more to buy or even sell anything online without disclosure.

Introducing Particl

Particl holds clients' confidence all over the world through self-governing all forms of transaction and conversations instead of channeling them to the central server. It ranks it the most suitable and best opinion for any business individuals to do their dealings online. When compared to the local markets, it is more competent with no third parties which pretend to be intermediaries.

Built on Bitcoin core codebase

Research shows that Particl is the latest Built-On-Bitcoin offering confidentiality while ensuring currency transfer only visible to participants involved in the transaction. This gives an enough guarantee with none of the pen being overspent thus providing fixation in budgeting. However, conversation groups and tools similar to WhatsApp do provide privacy by ensuring dead end chats and messages done on a client side and signals later stored in Data Storage Network with privacy.

Earn with staking

Moreover, Particl provides an ample opportunity to the stakeholders to earn income without direct participation in any business on the Market. This occurs by running the Particl while working for the network at the same time The reward is regarding PART tokens. Increase in popularity at the platform and Market results in a great significance in the awards increment. Working for the network also increases the rewards. The inflations of these PART tokens range at 5% annually and may drops by 1% in each year for four consecutive years until they level at 2%.

The question of self-governance in Particl creates decentralization of privacy on the free markets which cannot be limited by the self-built-in system. The goal of Particl thus becomes a platform of decreasing the barriers of entry while reducing the available friction in online shopping by allowing efficiency in adoption by vendors and buyers.

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