Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Bitquence Project


Days of the old going to the bank and inserting your visa or debit card to take out money has nearly ended as a new age of "Paypal meets Nasdaq" technology has emerged called bitcoin. You can even store your funds in something called "Cold Fusion" which is like a bank away from a bank but disconnected from the Internet entirely much like a visa gift card with cash on it but safer.

Bitquence as it is called scientifically has also unveiled a road map stating that in June 2017 as of this month there will be a token sale. Asset allocation happens in September 2017 that is used to distribute purchased bitcoin to the respective users. Digital Liquidity is the next phase which is transferring a currency or many currencies into bitcoin at a specified exchange rate and to be exchanged in reverse as well.

Once the company has unrolled these steps they plan to go with universal mobile payments in Jun 2018 followed by Global services in Jan 2019. In terms of where bitcoin actually stands, it makes up 98 billion of the market for global financial funds and according to a few other numbers on a stat chart from coins and bank notes come in at 5 trillion, gold at 7.8 trillion, liquid money at 26.8 trillion and lastly stocks at 70 trillion.

All of the above numbers are estimates though and to date. All money is to be clocked in at 80.9 trillion estimated as well The last point which may prove useful to bitcoin enthusiasts is how their "hyper smart wallet" is built on 4 key technology components some of this is review from an earlier statement above but they are as follows: Dynamic Asset Allocation, Consensus Risk Management, Digital Liquidity Network (ex. converting into standard currencies or standard currencies into bitcoin.) and finally cold storage. What this basically says is these are all of the features that your bitcoin smart wallet would be capable of doing. Just like a smart phone or TV has functions unique to them so does this. Think of it in the same way.





By: CryptoBjorn

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