Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TrueFlip The World's Largest Blockchain Lottery


TrueFlip is an internationally anonymous lottery operating in Bitcoin currently preparing for its Initial Coin Offering. This Bitcoin lottery offers instant payouts with open source codes and transparent prize fund. The mission of the platform is to become the largest blockchain offering the largest jackpot in the world. The platform held an ICO to crowd fund the capital needed for the Jackpot formation and marketing.

The lottery happens every day and the winning ticket is picked based on the hash of the first block on the Bitcoin blockchain after 2000 UTC. Ticket sale end at 19:30 UTC each day and to verify that no ticket purchases are made after the end time, all ticket sales are logged in the Lottery Ethereum contact.

There are two jackpots in the TrueFlip lottery. They were initially created at the expense of the funds raised from the ICO which was distributed as 40% of the total funds to the jackpot, 80% to the jackpot's No 1 —which is played daily and is increased by selling lottery-, and the remaining 20% to the Jackpot's No 2 —is the reserve set aside for Jackpot No.1 and is not refilled by sales from lottery tickets.

TrueFlip supports various payment methods so no one is left out Their payment processors have been designed to accommodate payment from people who are yet to participate in Bitcoin in hopes of increasing the number of participants. Aside from Bitcoin, other methods include Ether, Litecoins, Waves and other cryptocurrencies. All financial movements are executed by Bitcoin regardless of the payment method used The platform allows its owners to be partners in the world's largest blockchain lottery through tokens purchased.

The winners get to benefit from Bitcoin network features. Once the users receive their wins through their wallets, they can transfer the amount to Bitcoins and convert to any currency of their choosing, or they can send the winning to Bitcoin directly to the exchange services and then convert to any currency, or use their TrueFlip account for any Bitcoin expenses.

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