Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TribeToken - Charity on Ethereums Blockchain


Tribe token is a decentralized crypto currency whose primary aim is to assist in enhancing charity using cryptocurrency. Essentially its focus on charity makes it the first of its kind. The system is to be based on Ethereum's cryptocurrency platform.


For a period of three weeks beginning on 24 July 2017, there will be a Tribe Token crowdsale. The crowdsale is aimed at collecting at least 2,500 ETH. The funds collected will be used in creating and enhancing various aspects of the platform.
ICO Starting date: July 24th, 12:00 UTC
ICO Ending date: August 14th, 12:00 UTC
Total TribeToken Supply: 200 000 000 TRIBE
15 000 000 - Team
25 000 000 - Tribe Economy
10 000 000 - Bounties and partnerships
150 000 000 - ICO remaining will be burned
Minimum goal 2500 ETH
Maximum goal 50 000 ETH
Token exchange rate: 3000 TRIBE = 1 ETH
Minimum transaction amount: 300 TRIBE = 0.1 ETH
20% Bonus Tokens the first 7 days after the ICO has started.

Tribe Token Charity Platform

The platform gives its users the ability to either create their own charity or donate to initiatives on the platform. For a fee registered organizations get the opportunity to start an initiative which is assigned a verification tag. Feedback module allows for the reporting of abuse of charity initiative. The platforms also of allows donors to question the initiatives before making donations. Creators get the opportunity to inform their donors and intended targets of progress through the platform's interface. Technical features of the TRIBE platform.

The platform promises to offer safety and security. How? The platform is to be tailored on Ethereum and will work on Ethereum's blockchaining. This will ensure that the platforms cryptocurrency integrity and value is benchmarked on Ethereum. The system offers a decentralized system. This has the potential of creating a fast exchange of its tokens on the exchange markets. It also offers the chance to strengthen the security of the TribeTokens. The ideas of using Ethereum's smart contracts also ensures that the charity provisions are secure that the natural charity platforms. At the same time it also reduces the need for manual interventions by the project's developers This, therefore, enhances integrity resulting from an autonomous platform.

Finally and most importantly the platform will create an easy access to the cryptocurrency exchange for charity crowd funders. Furthermore, the platform already has plans to integrate an all-device interface to the platform. This will help charity project managers be able to track their funds much more easily Expected impact of the platform on the society.

Considering that the platform is primarily meant for charity it is important that we consider its impact on the society.

1. Impact on individuals.

Money raised in charity will ensure that people's living standards are enhanced. The developers of the platform are not only developing the system but will also be touting its use to various groups in developing nations. This will, therefore, increase its penetration as well as grant a demand for the TribeTokens.

2. Impact on social amenities and infrastructure.

The money collected through the charity funding initiatives will definitely go towards improving the social infrastructure for societies in developing states. In these countries, there is a tendency to have minimal access to basic social amenities such as access to clean water and adequate health services. Therefore, you can expect that the money thus raised will go a long way in uplifting the living standards of many people.

3. Economic impact

Once people's lives have improved it can be expected that they will be able to concentrate on income generating activities with clear minds. Moreover, some of the money will be channeled towards boosting economic activities such as farming in the project implementation locations.

Tokens team vision

The team envisions creating a platform that will be able to assist people who wish to carry out charity initiatives, to have a fully dedicated service for the same. Thus, they state, that anyone and everyone visiting the platform will be able to understand that all the initiatives on the platform are for a good cause. Their main focus upon commencement will be to gain traction in developing countries, where there still remain many issues that need solutions most of which can be solved by channeling of sufficient funds to various programs Crowdfunding towards charity is not a new concept even within the field of cryptocurrency. For instance, Lighthouse was a crowdfunding platform aimed at raising charity funds and was denominated in bitcoin units. The problem with such a platform was the reliance on the physical aspect of crowdfunding, in the form of a normal crowdfunding site and a patch up with the use of cryptocurrency. TribeToken, on the other hand, is fully a cryptocurrency based platform aimed at tackling the challenge of the rather physical-form of crowd funding sites.

Platforms' Roadmap

The platform will be released in three batches, with the first release Tribe One, creating the charity platform and enabling the creation of charity projects and use of TribeTokens. Tribe Two will be aimed at creating an all-device interface with focus on mobile phones to enable on-the-move transactions. The last release Tribe Three will aim to create TribeToken denominated local economy in developing countries. This will ensure that money raised on the platform is channeled directly in the projects without need for conversions. Why should you invest in this scheme? 1. This scheme is meant for a noble cause and hence your contribution will go a long way in actualizing the need to improve someone's life. 2. TeamTokens will be traded on exchange platforms. If the sufficiency of the platform holds thenthere is an expectation of the demand increasing. This will lead to an improvement in the value of the tokens.

TribeTokens are not made for those who want to trade and earn a lot of money but for investors that are self-assured moralistic types. If you are one of the latter type, why not take part in the Tribe Toke crowdsale?


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