Sunday, July 2, 2017

What is OpenANX?


With the view of overcoming the numerous challenges being experienced by the CEM, the OpenANX platform has provided its users a means to measure risk. This will be achieved because OpenANX will take the qualities of its predecessor so as to enhance exchange efforts that have been decentralized efforts because it will link the exchange platforms that currently exist.

The OpenANX is a non-profit organization that has a strong passion for creating awareness about the platform. This organization was established by four co-founders. One of the co-founders includes David Tee. The second is Ken Lo. Dave Chapman is the third and the fourth is Hugh Madden. Some of the concerns of the partnership include ANX International, the Enuma technologies and the Crypto derivatives market among others.

OpenANX has several unique features. These include:

There are numerous people and users that have been attracted to the OpenANX platform on a large scale because of the presence of the addressing features that have looked into the inevitability of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the event of a dispute, the OpenANX will deliver a resolution to access collateral

OPenANX is enhanced by two forms of cryptocurrency exchanges such as the centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The openANX platform has a liquidity aggregation system. This enables the aggregation of order books that are isolated from all asset gateways. These order books are available to the end user at their convenience.

Due to the numerous shortcomings that have been experienced in the centralized exchanges, there are numerous decentralized exchanges that have emerged. These can be categorized into two; those handling digitized token and those handling flat currencies.

In conclusion, the OpenANX platform gives users the ability to quantify assess risks and have the autonomy of choosing between asset gateways to on/off board flat and still have access to the order books. The OpenANX foundation is highly committed to creating more awareness about the platform.






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