Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Blocklancer - Distributed Autonomous Job Market


On the Ethereum platform, it is also referred to as the Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ), our vision of an entirely self-controlled platform for getting jobs and finding projects done. Blocklancer will change how freelancing is done conventionally, both for clients and freelancers; it will also lift the authenticity of freelancing to another level.

Freelancer platform can now enjoy

With these jobs, the system will tackle several problems that have become prevalent in the freelancing space, and many have suffered, including but not restricted to: false or fake reviews, receiving your jobs payment reliably and the stubborn influence of a central authorization figure.

Automated and Fair Settling of Conflicts

Never rely on one authority to end your conflicts again. The system has the token holder tribunal (THT) and the judgment lies in the hands of numerous of token holders, assuring a transparent and fair verdict.

Assured Payment

On this system, you only incur if you are completely fulfilled with the project or if the freelancer is reached the expected milestone. And if there is a conflict then the token holders will make the decision. You will never again experience central decisions by a one-sided authority and an unfair loss of hard worked money.

Low on Charges

The system will only charge 3 % per project, several times lower than the other competing websites. working as a freelancer will finally be a profitable way to earning money - and dependable as well.

No Censorship

Your project offers can never go to the waste bin under any circumstances because of the blockchain that cannot be manipulated whatsoever. Personal feelings and Political Correctness play no role any longer because the blockchain is not corruptible what so ever.



Min rate is 7,000 LNC: 1 ETH Power day with 15,000 LNC: 1 ETH Rate decreases by 1% for every 10 M Tokens sold After power day: 10,000 LNC: 1 ETH for first 10 Million Tokens


100 percent of Blocklancers charges are shared amongst ETH LNC is a token that could be traded


Blocklancer is the first totally non-centralized work market platform. It guarantees payment for freelancers and there is no central authorization.

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