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Meet Atlant the world's Real estate blockchain platform


Atlant is the world's real estate blockchain platform. Buyers of the coin and sellers of the coin are able to trade without causing changes in the asset price. You have with atlant low fees atlant eliminated overhead. Atlant has nearly 5 million dollars funds.

Atlant is the world's real estate blockchain platform. Buyers of the coin and sellers of the coin are able to trade without causing changes in the asset price. You have with atlant low fees atlant eliminated overhead. Atlant has nearly 5 million dollars funds.


It powers both tokenization and contracting parts of the ATLANT Platform.

The stage executes its own convention, in charge of information circulation and reflecting, noteworthy forming of archives, disseminated information stockpiling, discretion and notoriety in the decentralized system. The span of this expense is controlled by voting of the ATL token holders.

Votes to choose different moves made concerning the property: stage posting choice, posting charge endorsement, law office decision, administration organization decision (property tokenization), property for lease endorsement, rental expense endorsement.

Capacity to work, and gain additional wage, inside the structure of ATLANT as a referee for strife determination in P2P rentals, directed by means of a judge rating framework. Members willing to help ATLANT advancement can send Ether to a predefined Ethereum keen contract address.


Begin date of the ATLANT PRE-SALE is August 1, 2017

Swapping scale for PRE-SALE: 1 ETH = 1010 ATL

Add up to ATL Tokens: 5,625,000


Begin date of the ATLANT ICO is September 7, 2017.

Swapping scale for ICO: 1 ETH = 505 ATL

Add up to ATL Tokens: 315,000,000. These commissions are dispersed to the ATL token holders. The ATLANT convention gives an extension, associating the ATLANT coordinate with the Ethereum-based keen contract foundation overseeing the ATLANT Platform. Add up to supply of ATL tokens will be constrained to 375,000,000 of which 315,000,000 will be issued amid the ICO period, and 5,625,000 allocated for the pre-deal, with the rest of to the group, BoD, counselors, and abundance.

ATL is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain. After a fruitful token deal, a concurred some portion of the property tokens is discharged out of ATLANT escrow to ATL token holders proportionately. Commissions from P2P rentals are forced on the lessor, as a little expense, once an exchange with the resident is finished.

The stage empowers property proprietors and designers to tokenize property by making altered shrewd contracts and play out a token conveyance to either offer property (mostly or totally) or draw in financing for its development. The rest is actualized as Ethereum savvy contracts and executed by EVM: DAO family, voting on recommendations, escrow, center and property tokens, rental assentions and helper contracts. Its plan takes after generally received token usage measures. ATLANT is building the cutting edge worldwide land stage in view of blockchain innovation, which gives two primary highlights to address known issues in the field of the present worldwide land:

Tokenized Ownership

Will disentangle each kind of operation with land, including property speculations and possession exchanges, either incomplete or finish. Because of this work reserves withheld from the escrow of the losing party are conveyed to the ATL coin holder who played out the intervention.

Effect on the stage and capacity to propose, vote on and help promote advancements to enhance the proficiency of land internationally, and in addition support ATLANT's worldwide reception and development.

Ethereum stage with its virtual machine (EVM) is at this point the most settled blockchain-based appropriated registering stage with keen contract usefulness. The measure of the stake is at first set at 7% of the hidden resource and, in this manner, dictated by voting of the ATL token holders.

The stage is fueled by its center token, condensed as "ATL".

ATL tokens

ATL tokens are basically enrollment endorsements in the ATLANT Platform, which give the accompanying rights and benefits to their proprietors:

Stake in all properties recorded through the ATLANT Platform amid their underlying property token offerings. Land tokens speaking to an offer in property possession will take into consideration a fluid, tradable land advertise with straightforwardness and value revelation.

Distributed Rentals

Will make it conceivable to altogether diminish expenses taken from the two gatherings (occupant and lessor) and limit plausibility of phony surveys and produced evaluations, which are the principle issues of existing unified rental administrations, for example, Airbnb and Booking.

ATLANT works as an exclusively decentralized framework, administered by the DAO family based on Ethereum. This enables token holders to effortlessly store and deal with their ATL tokens utilizing existing arrangements including the Ethereum Wallet.

ATLANT crowdfunding (Pre-Sale and ICO) and ATL token creation will happen utilizing Ethereum keen contracts.


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