Friday, December 1, 2017

The intelligent investors guide to Particl (PART): Part 2 - Why am I bullish on the price of Particl (PART) long term?


Currently Particl trades in the $5-10 range on Bittrex with a relatively low market cap. Present valuations are determined solely by market speculators (mostly accumulators aware about the project potential).


However on release of their decentralised marketplace module in Q1 2018, provided its released with full atomic swaps and shapeshift/exchange integration, it's buy side dynamics will change significantly.


This will be driven by the fact that whilst multiple cryptocurrencies will be accepted on the Particl network to automatically convert to the native PART token via in-client integration of shapeshift, decentralized exchanges and widget implementation of atomic swaps (direct conversion of other cryptocurrencies to the native PART token without intermediary if they possess atomic swap functionality), all buying and selling transactions on the marketplace and other Particl modules will be conducted solely via the native PART token.


At this stage I estimate a 5x to 20x (conservative is 5x) rise in price purely on a hype cycle alone. Longer term however I view it very differently to other assets due to it's liquidity characteristics which resemble DASH but with actual utility to self perpetuate it. This is because: 

  • People decide to use the Particl marketplace.
  • People sent their crypto to the Particl client.
  • This converts to PART: Buy pressure on PART.
  • People buy PART in the Particl client to transact.
  • People use PART escrow: PARTs get locked into escrow contract.
  • Circulating supply of PART gets further restricted.
  • Successful buying/selling of goods = repeat custom exclusively in PART token.
  • Repeat custom = regular repeat buy pressure on PART per individual.
  • Repeat custom = word of mouth = more new customers on Particl marketplace. This perpetuates first step.
  • Buy pressure increases. More escrows. Further liquidity lockup.


  • More dApps (beyond market place) release as PART hype & awareness increases = more buy pressure on PART.

  • Staking locks away PART also restricting circulating supply.

  • As value of PART increases incentive to stake increases (as stakers earn tx fees). As PART value increases and tx frequency increases, stakers earn more rewards perpetuating further staking.

  • More PART gets locked in staking. Lower circulating supply.

  • Rapidly escalating PART price.


So provided it is released as described and people use it as a marketplace non-speculatively, with time it's price should rise exponentially independent of traditional exchange dependent model.


I hope this makes it super clear why I rank Particl on par with Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of price growth potential.

By: Joske

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