Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why Is Blockstream Working With Former Spies?


Blockstream is working with former national spies. The question is, why on earth would a cryptocurrency company have the need to employ former spies? 

Take a Journey Back in Time if You Would
On October 23, 2014, Blockstream goes public and announces funding and the formation of their company. Shortly after Blockstream was incorporated, they received $50 million in venture capital from AXA, Khosla Ventures, Horizon Ventures, etc., some of the most powerful venture firms in the world. The Blockstream board of directors are all bankers.

In the Summer of 2015, all of the primary Bitcoin communities such as /r/Bitcoin, mailing lists, Bitcoin Talk, wikis, etc., began massive censorship campaigns against any and all topics that had to do with scaling Bitcoin beyond the 1MB limit which, by the way, was temporarily added by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2010 as a stop-gap measure to prevent spam in the early days.

In December 2015, it quickly became apparent to everyone that Bitcoin was being hot-wired for a settlement system.

As They Say, the Rest is History
So here we are today. Most of what has transpired since the launch of Blockstream remains uncontested to everyone outside of Bitcoin Core (which is why they are perceived as a cult). However, it's a little known fact that they are working with former spies. Clearly they didn't want anyone to know this.

For those unaware, SIGINT and HUMINT still play critical roles for spy agencies across the world as a means to gather and analyze intelligence. In France's 2012 presidential election, it was discovered through WikiLeaks that all major French political parties were targeted for infiltration by the CIA's HUMINT and electronic SIGINT spies in the seven months leading up to the election.

In this short clip from Scannell's Berlin talk, he is talking about being selective in his targeting and "smart spying" techniques. In another lecture, Scannell talks about using spying intelligence to control.

By the way, did you notice the symbol he used as his background for his talk? It's a very subtle but important image to the Bitcoin Core community (Lightning Network).

What Does This Have to Do With Blockstream?
Well, what Bill Scannell and Blockstream don't want the general public to know is that Bill works intimately with Blockstream on their own intelligence. You see, Blockstream is running it's own program in order to push their agenda so that they can control Bitcoin and profit from it.

According to Scannell's own LinkedIn profile, he runs a private consulting firm where he is focused on being a "strategist." Ironically, he also has past work experience listed as an "Evil PR Genius." In one LinkedIn recommendation for Scannell, the person wrote that he is a "Story-teller, fixer, maker." Scannell has setup his own company, called Special Circumstances LLC for his private consulting.

The Anchorage Daily News wrote a piece about Scannell's wife in 2016, regarding a local election in Alaska. In the article, they described Bill Scannell as "a 'media strategist' who has been known for pedaling some outrageous stories and pulling some outrageous stunts to get media attention." One of the advertisements run by Scannell's wife, Michelle, during the election, was a video of her opponent Mia Costello, calling her a chicken.

As it turns out, back in 2008 Scannell had his own controversy, where it came to light that he was attacking opposing groups in another local election. wrote, "Bill Scannell, the man outed Thursday morning by Jake Metcalfe's former campaign manager Dana Krawchuk as the person behind some nasty websites attacking Ethan Berkowitz, has resigned. Krawchuk had overheard Scannell talking about building websites specifically to attack Berkowitz."

When Samson Mow started working for Blockstream in 2017 as the "Chief Strategy Officer", Bill Scannell and Samson Mow began working more closely together, along side Adam Back and others. In April 2017, Scannell and Back both attended the The 21st International Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security in Malta, where Scannell helped moderate a panel that Back was speaking on. Blockstream was the sponsor at the event, where others spoke as well, such as Peter Todd.

On Reddit, CEO and entrepreneur, Roger Ver, had this to say about Scannell, "This guy was with Samson when I had the debate with him in Seoul. He was clearly Samson's handler at the event."

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