Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Decathlon Use Tezos To Add An NFT Experience To The Séan Garnier Street Football Boots Product


Decathlon is a French sporting retail giant with 2080 stores in 56 countries. In 2020, they generated $11.4 billion in revenue and have close to 100,000 employees.

In 1976 the first Decathlon store was opened in Lille by Michel Leclercq, France, now it is known as the largest sporting goods retailer worldwide.

Séan Garnier
Séan Garnier is a French freestyle footballer. He is a two-time Football Freestyle World Champion, a three-time French champion, a Red Bull athlete, Urbanball Ambassador and Founder and member of S3 crew.

He a very large social following with over 3.74 million YouTube subscribers and over 5.4 million Instagram followers.

Tezos Technology Used In The Decathlon X Séan Garnier Street Football Boots
Now, it has been announced that Tezos technology has been used in the Decathlon X Séan Garnier Street Football Boots product line in order to provide an NFT experience.

The collaboration has been done with the help and support of Nomadic Labs.

The football boots come with an attached NFT 'Golden Ticket' which is said to: 'give access to new personalized and exclusive experiences with the world champion… a golden ticket that extends the experience!'

On the Golden Ticket NFT experience Decathlon stated:

'This is the first step in building a future where digital goods are connected to physical goods.'

This suggests that more utilization of Tezos blockchain technology will accompany Decathlon products in the future.

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